A collection of Guest Blog posts about the myriad of types of education experiences that aren’t within the school environment.

Welcome to The Alternative Education Chapters

This is a passion project of mine, in which I wanted to bring together as many, wonderful, creative, adventurous, peaceful, slow, fast, quiet, loud, academic, extroverted, introverted, organised, messy, free and everything in between, people, who chose to educate their children/someone else’s children, in an environment other than the ‘normal’ school setting we have all come to be expected to roll with.

My aim is to collate a multitude of alternative education experiences, with the hope that when someone (perhaps you!) is curious about education outside of a school setting, or considering it themselves, that they can read through the million ways and million paths you can take.

I want people to read about the magic, the adventures and the astounding pride that comes with being there to witness your children discover HOW they learn, and who they want to be.<br>But I also want people to read about the barriers that can sometimes be faced, and how to tackle them, and also to read about those not so perfect moments too!

I want this to be the full, rounded experience, through reading multiple people’s journeys.

So please, take a read, and if you enjoy, make sure to go and leave some love on the author’s chosen links! 

I would love for you all to show them some love and appreciation for their energy, if you find their writing resonates in any way.

I truly hope that if you’re interested in alternative education, that these pieces nourish your interest, and help you to visualise the possibilities available to you and your family, or help if you are feeling that there are barriers preventing you.

Lauren x


In the second of our guest blog posts for the Alternative Education Chapters, instagrammer @homeeducating_you takes us through her journey with her daughter, as a single parent.


In the first of our Guest Blog posts about alternative education experiences, writer and mother of one, Nicola Dellard-Lyle takes us through how life learning looks for her family.

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