Our Links/Codes

Here is a collection of our links & codes for websites and products where we receive a small commission.

Skincare, Make-Up & Bath

Tropic Skincare
INCREDIBLE, natural skincare products, made in the UK.
So safe that our children use them too!
This is an ambassador link, because that’s how much we love the products!

LoveLula Natural Makeup & Skincare
LoveLula is a website jam packed with natural, cruelty free and organic bath, body, make-up and so much more!

House and Home

Etsy UK
A wonderful collection of handmade, small businesses to buy from. Simply clicking the link here gives us a small commission on anything you go on to purchase from the Etsy UK site.

La Redoute
La Redoute is where we buy a lot of our home interior products from, but they also sell clothing and more too!
By clicking the link here we receive a small commission.

Wearth London | Less Waste/Ethical House & Home and More
Wearth London supply lots of wonderful, less waste, ethical, sustainable products. House, Home, Cleaning, Bath, Body, Jewellery and MORE.


BAM Bamboo Clothing
Affordable, sustainable, bamboo clothing! SUPER comfortable!

Alo Yoga | Fitness & Loungewear
Sustainable and committed to the depths of sustainability, Alo Yoga is a fantastic company, with some stunning fitness and loungewear!

La Redoute
La Redoute is where we buy a lot of our home interior products from, but they also sell clothing and more too!
By clicking the link here we receive a small commission.


LSW Mindfulness Cards & Guided Meditations
A beautiful set of mindfulness prompt cards from adults. Some great prompts for journalling. They also sell guided meditations too!

Ordnance Survey
Ordnance Survey are a fantastic supplier of both an app and paper maps for walking/cycling routes all over the place!! These are perfect for active families like ourselves! When you place an order at the ordnance survey store, we receive a small commission.

Home Education/ Homeschool Resources/ Crafts/ Kids

Baker Ross Arts & Craft Supplies
A cheap and easy craft supplies website! We use this site for MOST art supplies, and Martin also uses them for work too!

Nat Geo Kids Magazine
An amazing magazine for nature loving kids!

Toucan Box (50% off your first box!)
Get 50% off of your first box by clicking our link! A great craft subscription kit for little ones!

Whirli (Toy Rental)
This is an incredible, toy rental company that we LOVE.
Imagine if after that very short period of time when your kids suddenly get bored of the toys you spent lots of money on, you could just return them and swap for something else?! That is exactly what Whirli offer!! Absolutely amazing, with allowances for breakages and losing, and also allowing you to fully purchase something if your child becomes attached!

Our code for you to get £5 or 15% (whichever is more!) off of your first payment is: C0MO1992

You have to remember to go into your order details at checkout to enter this code! If you need any guidance with this, just drop me a message. This discount can make a HUGE difference if you choose an annual membership.

Maua Gang | Unique Soft Toys
Maua Gang soft toys are unique, bright and funky, and a wonderful addition to the usual cute and fluffy toys you usually find!

This company has a fantastic ethos around sustainability too, which is SO important to us.
There packaging is made of 90% recycled materials, and is of course, fully recyclable too! And apart from that it also looks AMAZING!

For 15% off of your order use code: THEHEATONFAM at checkout.