Giving Your Swimming Pool The Care It Needs

Whether you’re trying to get more use out of your garden, trying to up the curb appeal and value of the home, or even if you just want to add a place to swim, a pool can be a great investment. However, it truly is an investment and one that goes beyond the initial installation, as well. If you’re not prepared to put in the time and money necessary for upkeep, then getting a pool of your own might not be the right option for you. Here, we’re going to look at some of the factors you need to consider when it comes to giving your pool the kind of care it requires.

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Keeping it clean

Manually cleaning the pool is vital for maintaining its health. Tools like a tele-pole can be very useful for this task, allowing you to attach a range of different cleaning tools, such as nets, wet vacuum heads, and leaf gulpers, and use them to sweep the surface of the pool regularly. As well as manual cleaning, there are also automatic cleaning systems in the pool that help keep it up to a high standard of cleanliness. You should check these systems regularly to make sure that they are not clogged, including the skimmer basket and the hair and lint pot.

Ensure a chemical balance

When you’re aiming to keep your pool clean and safe for people to swim in, you also need to make sure that it has the right chemical balance. There is all manner of products that you can get to ensure this balance, but you should start with some pool chemical test strips so you can see what, exactly, you have to do to adjust it. Use these strips at least once a week if the pool is in active use. You can get pool products that are specifically designed to adjust matters such as the pH level, with chlorine being the most common of them, but not the only option that’s at your disposal.

Keep it pumping

Proper water circulation is vital for the maintenance of a clean pool. The pool pump plays a key role in this process by circulating the water. Over time, pumps can become less efficient and break as a result of wear and tear. You should have a professional, such as a pump repairman, inspect and service your pump at least once a year. If the pump needs to be replaced, you want to do it sooner rather than later to stop the water quality from deteriorating.

Ensure that your pool is well-sealed

Aside from the tips mentioned above, you have to also keep in mind the fact that your pool is full of water and that, if it is breached, the water can start to seep into the soil surrounding it, which can cause problems for the rest of the property, even potentially affecting the foundation of the home. With the help of products like RIW toughseal, you can make sure that your pool has an airtight seal, reducing the chances that water is going to get through it. You should make sure that any seal you use in the pool is resistant to UV light, as well, given that it’s outdoors.

Mind the pool’s materials

You should keep a close eye on the materials that make up the structure of the pool, such as walls and floors. Over time, they can weaken, chip, and otherwise sustain damage that can lead to contamination of the pool. With the help of a pool installation and repair specialist, you can make sure that you are safe from any cracks or signs of weakness in your pool to make sure that the structure and boundaries of the pool are working as intended.

Mind your feet

Wetness can make just about any surface a lot more dangerous and slippery, and this includes the area immediately surrounding the swimming pool. Ensure that you’re taking safety seriously there, as well. Aside from setting a clear “no running by the pool” rule, you can take steps to make it a little safer, such as by placing swimming pool mats around the pool. This way, you can not only reduce the risk of slipping, but you can even get anti-microbial varieties to make the pool a more hygienic space, too.

With the tips above, you can make sure that you’re taking care of your pool as it demands. You want to put the time and effort into keeping it well maintained to manage your investment, but also to keep it healthy and safe to use.

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