How To Help Your Kids During Exam Periods

Exam periods can be particularly stressful times of the year and as an adult, you may be able to vaguely remember the stress of an exam yourself. It’s important that as a parent, you’re providing them with the support they need and will want during these stressful and uncertain times. Even though school education isn’t the be-all and end-all of life itself, it can often feel like that as a student at the time. Here are some tips to help your kids during exam periods.

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Provide a calm and distraction-free studying space

Your home is a distracting environment but it can also be a calm one if they’re given the right space to study in. Try to provide a calm and distraction-free studying space in the home. There’s bound to be somewhere in the home that can be turned into a make-shift study space if you haven’t got a study or office space readily available. As long as it’s quiet and free of distractions, it should be very effective.

Look out for warning signs of stresses

Warning signs are something to be aware of when it comes to stress. Stress is very common during exam periods and so much so that it can cause some serious mental health concerns as a result. As a parent, be aware of your child’s behaviour and when it might not seem quite right. This might be a sign that the child is under stress and they need a bit of guidance or advice. It’s not common for children to hide how they’re really feeling, so be attentive to their behaviours during this time.

Make sure they’re getting plenty of sleep

To help with exam revision, make sure they’re getting plenty of sleep. A lack of sleep is never good for their health or mental well-being. If they’re running on a low amount of sleep, this is likely going to affect their performance within the school and in particular – their exams. A good seven to nine hours of sleep each night is going to be the magic juice they need to help get them through this challenging period of their life.

Help them study if needed

Studying is something that can sometimes be helped with the assistance of parents. While it may all sound somewhat like a foreign language, any assistance that can be helped during this studying period will likely be appreciated. Whether that’s passing on helpful studying techniques to helping test them on a variety of questions. 

Create a delicious weekly meal plan to ensure they’re eating well

To help guide them through the exam period with ease, it’s important that there’s a delicious weekly meal plan to keep them full and content. There’s nothing worse than flagging due to too much junk food or having a half-empty stomach just before going into an exam .Be sure that they’re getting three full meals per day and that they have plenty of pre-nerve snacks to munch on during this exam period. These tips will ensure your child gets the best results possible during their exams this year or next.

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