The Lost Art of Handwritten Notes

Once upon a time, penning a letter, whether it be for love, friendship, or purely correspondence was the main form of communication. But as technology has progressed and taken possession of the world we know, the simple art of handwritten notes and letters has gradually died out. I’m here to discuss why bringing back the magic of the handwritten note is a wonderful idea!

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Making memories with Children

One of the first ways we can stoke the fire of the enjoyment of hand writing things again, is to inspire that in our children. A way to do this is by creating special memories with them through handwritten moments. Whether this be notes in their lunches to remind them we love them, magical games full of handwritten riddles, letters to them when you’re not together or even just a quick note or joke attached to the fridge when they get home, all of these things are tiny moments that will stick in their mind as they grow older, and become something so meaningful that they’re likely to continue such special traditions as they build their own family further.

Reminding your Loved Ones they’re Special

I’m not sure there’s anything more sweet and that feels more meaningful than when a friend or family member has taken the time to hand pen a letter or card for you. When they’ve taken the time to really consider what words will mean the most to you, or let you know how they feel in that moment. It always feels so much more magical when it comes in the form of something handwritten.

Adding That Extra Touch to a Gift, or a Thank You.

Do you have a birthday/anniversary/wedding etc on the horizon? Nothing screams ‘I thought about you’ like adding a hand written note to whatever gift you have planned. It’s exceptionally easy to order gifts online now, that quite often we think the note to go alongside is irrelevant, or impersonal, but it doesn’t have to be. You can handwrite a special note to pop alongside your gift.

And if you’re feeling particularly thankful for a gift, or care or something someone did for you, a handwritten thank you can really convey what that something really meant to you. And if you struggle to pen them yourself (for whatever reason), but you really want to go that extra mile to get your words down on paper, than you could even consider a handwritten thank you card service.

Showing your Dedication

Taking the time to handwrite work correspondance can really show that you went that extra mile. The knowledge that you care just that little extra to put pen to paper could be just the thing an employer or colleague is looking for in that moment.

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I know that sometimes it can be really jarring to try and think of the perfect thing to write in the moment, but going out of your way to write down something can really be that extra pop to make someone feel thought about. And there are certainly places you can go to get help when considering what it is you want to say.

Here are some tips when considering what to write:

  • Think about what it is you want to convey to the person. How much they mean to you? That you really want the job? That you’re eternally grateful? By finding the focus of your message, it may help you think about where to start.
  • Does it have to be overthought? Sometimes the most meaningful message can be a quick, funny scribble left unsuspectingly on a pillow/sideboard. Don’t overthink where it isn’t needed.
  • Formal vs Informal. Are you writing to your loved one or a potential employer? You can relax the reins a lot more when you’re writing something for a loved one than if you’re trying to convince someone you’re the right person for the job.
  • Think about what the recipient needs from you. Do they need a funny anecdote to cheer them up, or do they need some thought out declaration of feelings that have been held back? Do they need comfort after the passing of a loved one, or do they need to be told that you’re proud of them? Focusing on the need of who you’re writing to is paramount.

Handwriting things is sadly becoming a lost art, but I hope that I’ve inspired you to pick up your pen and put it to paper again. There can be so much meaning behind just taking that extra nugget of time out of such a busy world to say what you want to say. And why not?

Try and start a new, old tradition today.

L xxx

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