Ways To Earn Extra Income Online

Over the past few years, so much of the world has moved online even more so than ever before. From work to school to social activities, there is an abundance of life taking place in the online realm. If you are interested in working online, keep reading to learn more about some more ways to earn extra income online.

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Become an Online Tutor

If you are an educator, you know the value of instilling knowledge in the next generations of the world. Working in the field of education, you are already well-versed in what it takes to engage students and keep them interested in what you have to share. Perhaps you have been working in the classroom and are ready for a change. Why not move into the virtual realm and conduct tutor lessons online?

With online tutoring, you get to schedule the sessions around your schedule. You can even continue working in your school during the week and pick up extra income on the weekends or in the evenings with the online tutoring sessions. It is a great way to use your expertise and experience to help students when they need one-on-one attention that they are unable to receive in school.


Sell Your Crafts Online

Do you happen to be a crafty individual? If you know your way around a sewing machine or have a knack for woodworking, consider selling your finished products online. Creating and selling items that you have lovingly made can be both a hobby and a way to earn more money. Crafting can be a lucrative and relaxing side hustle.

There is a wide offering of online marketplaces in which you can set up shop. Some of the most common places to sell online include:


  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Craigslist
  • Amazon Handmade
  • Folksy
  • Etsy
  • Through your own website.
  • On your personal Instagram Reels.


Watch this video for tips on 25 different places to sell your wares online depending on what type of items you are selling.

Advertising your handmade items is easy when you use your personal social media accounts to connect with the world. Consider creating social media accounts for your new crafting business to keep things easy to track once your sales begin to increase. As that happens, you can advertise across accounts and platforms to increase exposure for your crafts amongst friends, family, and the rest of your soon-to-be customers.

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As you engage with your students, their parents, or your customers online, be sure to always communicate with them. Ask for feedback from the students to help hone your teaching style and methods. Whenever you end a tutoring session or send a customer their purchase, say thank you

A handmade and warm note of thanks goes a long way in making people feel appreciated and seen. Small acts make people want to keep coming back for your service, your crafts, and the personal touch you provide. All of these things will help you generate more income and achieve your extra income goals while honouring humanity.

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