Can Going Back To Nature Release Anxiety?

Approximately 19% of the adult population in the United States have an anxiety disorder. IN the UK the statistics are similar. It is important to make the difference between being nervous, which can be a source of motivation. For instance, you could be anxious about giving a public speech or driving in heavy traffic. But this form of anxiety is beneficial as it increases your alertness and helps you prepare. 

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On the other hand, anxiety disorder refers to debilitating forms of anxiety. When anxious feelings become overwhelming, they can prevent you from engaging in everyday activities. Many strategies can be combined to help manage or relieve anxiety, such as targeted therapy, meditation, or even medication. So, how does nature provide comfort to people with anxiety disorders? It turns out that nature may be a fundamental element in the fight against handicapping anxiety. 

Using CBD strains that maximize the entourage effect

The CBD industry is blooming because designer strains bring new products to the market. These are safer to use thanks to the regulated level of psychoactive THC. In other words, you can find CBD strains that have been grown specifically to tackle anxiety disorders. 

But why does CBD work? It’s one of Mother Nature’s wonders. We, people, have an endocannabinoid system, the ECS, which produces molecules similar to CBD to regulate mood, sleep, appetite, etc. In other words, when you use CBD products, you essentially help improve the functions of the ECS. 


Spending a weekend camping in nature

Camping is one of the most cleansing experiences when it comes to anxiety relief. The relief may only be temporary, depending on the source of your anxiety. However, camping can give your mind and body a unique opportunity for a reset. You can escape the crowds and fast-paced urban environment for a time, reconnect with your inner self, turn off digital distractions, and reset your circadian rhythm. So, it makes sense to fold a portable tent, pack a military tactical backpack with the necessary supplies — military rucksacks have a ton of practical pockets, making them an excellent choice for camping and backpack trips — and head to a remote camping location. 


Grow your own nature

Gardening is more than a home improvement hobby. It is a healthy activity that can boost your well-being in many ways. Gardening can help reduce stress. According to medical research, even a person gardening inside an apartment can feel the positive benefits of caring for nature. Additionally, gardening cleanses the mind by helping you reconnect with nature. Looking at a green space can already reduce stress levels. Gardening enables people to grow and care for their own green space. A gardener is attentive to nature, always learning from and observing their surroundings. More importantly, a gardener is in charge, which can greatly impact your mental health. According to an article in Mental Health Review Journal, gardening can significantly help reduce symptoms of anxiety. 

Can nature soothe your anxiety disorder? It is a question for another time. However, nature can deliver a sense of relief in many forms, either as consumables or even hobby activities. It can also help individuals realize that, more often than not, an urban society can manufacture its own source of anxiety, unlike nature.

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