Why You Should Travel Around Your Home Country

When it comes to going on a vacation people usually consider going abroad. Either they go abroad or they move out of their home state and go and explore other states or theme parks or beaches – there are so many things and places to explore and why not? The thing is, there is a lot to be said for just exploring the country you are in. Whether you look to go round the same state, or you live in a small country and you explore there, it’s easy to miss out on so many things when you keep looking beyond your doorstep rather than within the house. 

There’s nothing more thrilling than getting that passport stamped, we will admit it, however choosing to get new & used Adria camper vans and go on a trip is also a thrill. Take a look at some of the reasons you should travel around your home country before you start looking further afield.

Photo by Avinash Patel
  • Domestic travel is often easier. One of the best reasons to choose a domestic vacation is because it’s so much simpler to plan. There is no money to exchange or currency conversions to worry about, there’s rarely any time zone changes and you would likely be able to speak the same language as  those around you. Your cell phone will work without any international fees and with Covid still being rife across the globe, domestic travel also means ease with testing or quarantine requirements. Of course, there can still be hiccups with domestic travel but that doesn’t mean it’s not easier than going abroad.


  • You don’t have to feel like you’re at home. One of the most amazing things about living in a country as big as the one you do now, is that it often takes exploring it to realize how big it is. Did you know you could have beaches or countryside on your doorstep within an hour depending on which direction you go? If it’s longer than an hour, why haven’t you done this already? Filling up the campervan with camping equipment and heading on the Oceanview routes along the way is going to be amazing.


  • You’re going to learn so much more about your own country. It’s so easy for us to be ignorant about the place that we were born and raised, but when you make a point of exploring it you will find so many new things that you didn’t know you could have. There are so many historical landmarks in nearly every country across the world and yours is no different.


  • You can visit family and friends. If you live quite far from your current family and friends, you might be able to schedule your trip so that you are dropping in on people that you love along the way. Prioritizing domestic travel gives you the chance to spend time with grandparents and relatives that you may not have spent time with for a while. It could be a good way to reconnect and have fun.

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