Creating The Perfect Patio Area

Thinking of adding a patio area to your yard? Below are a few considerations that will help you to create the perfect patio area.

Photo by Peter Goldberg from Pexels

Where should you place your patio?

The most common place to put a patio is directly outside the back of your home. This allows you to walk straight out onto your patio, which could help to create a sense of flow between your patio and your home

This may not always be the best place to lay a patio however. You may find that the end of your yard receives more sunlight in the evening. You should also consider how sloped the ground and how much levelling is likely to be necessary – levelling a gradual incline is easier than levelling a steep incline. 

What’s the best patio design?

Choosing a style and pattern for your patio is largely a case of personal preference. It’s worth taking the time to consider all the different types of stones and layouts. You can check a few different patio patterns here.

More intricate paving stone patios will take longer to lay and will likely cost more if you’re hiring a contractor. You should therefore factor in your budget when choosing a patio design.

What patio furniture should you buy?

You may already have some outdoor furniture to put on your patio. If not, you should consider which style of patio furniture you will buy. 

Patio furniture comes in all kinds of styles and materials. Some of the popular styles include rectangular table/chair sets, circular table/chair sets, outdoor lounge suites, benches, swing chairs and bar stools. Some of the different materials include wood, aluminium, wrought iron, steel, wicker, synthetic rattan and PVC. 

Different types of patio furniture each have their pros and cons. Some are lighter, some are more durable and some are more affordable. Consider your practical needs when choosing furniture.

Does your patio need a canopy?

It could be worth installing a canopy above your patio to provide shade or shelter from the rain. Alternatively, you may prefer to keep it exposed.

If you do choose to add a canopy, there are a few different options to consider. You could install awnings onto the side of your home that jut out over the patio. These could be retractable or could use a shutter system. Another option could be a freestanding canopy such as a gazebo or a pergola. You may even want to choose a portable canopy that can be moved around such as a large patio umbrella or collapsible gazebo. 

What about outdoor lighting and outdoor heating?

You could consider adding some outdoor lighting or outdoor heating to your patio. This could be useful for using your patio in the evening. 

There are all kinds of outdoor lighting options to look into including mains-powered lights, battery-powered lights and solar powered lights. When it comes to outdoor heating solutions, there are various options to consider including electric patio heaters, chimineas or fire pits.


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