Could Your New Home Be Damaging Your Health?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if, in addition to the number of bedrooms, double garage, and desirable location, you were provided information about the elements of the house that could affect your health before buying or renting a home? Yes, you read that right. Could your new home be damaging your health?

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Knowing about a new home’s safety hazards can help you prepare for the worst. By supporting you in developing a budget to address the concerns, or perhaps determining that the property you were hoping for isn’t worth investing in at all.

You can never be certain of every single hazard lying in the house. Whether it be behind the plaster, in the water, or in the electrical box. Until you’ve moved in and begun enjoying the house and all of its functions on a regular basis, you’re unlikely to pick every potential problem up, whether you’re renting or buying a property. As a result, the following suggestions can help you prepare for the worst and discover some potential safety dangers in your new home.


When asbestos fibres are exposed through drilling or sanding, the mineral particles become airborne, posing a serious health risk. When asbestos is inhaled, it can seriously harm your lungs. If you find big surface areas containing asbestos in common sections of the house, such as the loft (which is typically used for insulation), pay for it to be professionally removed for your safety. If you’re asking why they installed asbestos (a cancer-causing material) insulation in your home in the first place, it’s because the effects of asbestos use were unknown before the year 2000. This means that if your home was built before the year 2000, asbestos may have been used to insulate it.

Mould And Damp

Damp or mould in your new adobe can be a symptom of a larger, more expensive issue, such as rain coming in via a faulty roof or leaky pipes. To fully resolve the issue, you must first determine the source of the issue. Get an Award Winning Plumber to  assess the situation, locate the source of the problem, and provide you with an estimate to fix the damage.

By opening windows to allow a draught to remove moisture from hot showers, baths, and cooking, you may prevent excess moisture from worsening the damp problem in your home. Another solution is to buy a dehumidifier to remove the surplus steam from the space.

Water Problems

If you rent a home in the United Kingdom, your landlord is obligated to test the water for you. This is to ensure that it is free of contaminants that could harm your health, such as Legionella bacteria. 

If your water is hazy, discoloured, or has a smell, you should call your water supplier. If your supply of water is private, however, you should contact your local government. Contacting the supplier enables you to take actions toward identifying and resolving the issue.

Alternatively, you might order your own clean water test on the internet. You can test your water for germs, lead, and pesticides using a variety of tools. This will assist you in determining whether your water is safe for you and your children to drink.

Once the dangers have been identified and corrected, you can rest assured that your home is no longer threatening to you. Creating a healthy living environment allows you and your family to live comfortably without worrying about common household illnesses.


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