The Benefits of Taking up Practical Hobbies

In today’s highly digital world, it’s common for virtually all of us to spend a major chunk of our time staring at one type of screen or another, and engaging in pretty passive and “hands-off” leisure activities, such as watching our favourite TV shows on streaming services, or surfing the web into the early hours. Here are a few of the benefits of taking up some practical hobbies.

While there is definitely nothing wrong with enjoying your favourite programs, or with spending some time online, however, there might be some real benefits to changing things up on a regular basis and taking up some practical hobbies – ranging from things like wood carving, to various types of DIY, or planting a vegetable garden.

A greater sense of autonomy and self-sufficiency.

Generally speaking, getting into practical hobbies and pastimes will tend to involve learning a lot of very useful skills, and researching particular subjects in a way that can benefit you not only today, but later on as well. You might, for example, end up learning about Top Tips For A Fire Resistant Bathroom when trying your hand at home remodelling.

Perhaps most of all, though, learning practical skills and engaging in practical hobbies and pastimes can help to give you a greater sense of autonomy and self-sufficiency, which can be especially welcome in times of global uncertainty and instability.

If nothing else, it typically feels pretty good to engage in pastimes that make you a more capable and self-contained version of yourself.

Pastimes that can help you to get you out of your own head from time to time.

Chronic and habitual overthinking – whether in the form of obsessive rumination about the past, or frantic anxiety about the future – is one of the primary sources of stress, frustration, and dissatisfaction for many people. Unfortunately, the tendency to engage in excessive overthinking is likely exacerbated today as a result of the endless and ongoing stream of information that we are all exposed to on a daily basis, from media outlets, marketers, opinion pieces, social media, and so on.

Practical pastimes and hobbies typically help to put you in a different headspace, and – in fact – can get you out of your own head from time to time, and can help to focus your attention externally.

In this sense, practical hobbies and pastimes can be something like a form of active meditation, and may help you to feel more centred and balanced.

Reconnecting to a more creative mode of life, in a time of rampant consumerism.

While all of us “consume” various products and services, and while there’s nothing wrong with this in and of itself, many individuals have commented astutely on the effects of rampant consumerism which operates with a counterbalancing sense of creativity. In short, this is likely to have many negative impacts ranging from alienation to a sense of impulsivity.

Regularly engaging in practical hobbies and pastimes can help to reconnect you to a more creative mode of life, which can serve as a much-needed counterbalance to the prevalent culture of consumerism.

So while you don’t need to start something purely because it’s practical, there are definitely pros to starting a practical hobby!


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