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Does your child love to collect Autumn leaves? Here’s a free Autumn leaf printable for them to help record everything about the leaves they find!

I don’t know about your children, but mine love nothing more than to collect every Autumn leaf they see on walks. Especially if they’re all different colours! We love to have discussions about which trees the leaves are from, how big they are, what colour they are, and also why we love them!

Where did you find your leaf?

The record page has a section where you can write where you found your leaf! Sometimes this can open up really interesting conversations, because certain leaves end up quite far away from the tree they are from, so you can discuss how they may travel, and what may have moved them!

Why did you pick your leaf?

Your children can discuss what it was in particular that jumped out at them about their leaf! Why that one over any other? Kids can come up with the most interesting reasons if you talk to them about it.

How big is your leaf?

Did you choose a teeny tiny leaf, or a GIANT one?! Maybe it’s somewhere in the mid ground. It can be really fun to try and find leaves of all sizes too!

Stick your leaf in the record!

If your child is super proud of their leaf, then it will likely make them beam to know they have somewhere to display it! Not only that, but they can then have a full discussion about it. Paying attention to something they chose especially can mean a lot to children.

Autumn colours.

Leaves come in so many glorious variations of colour in Autumn. There’s a place to record the colour of your leaf too! Maybe your child would enjoy doing more than one record, and finding leaves of all colours to write about!

The Download

Autumn Leaf Record – The Heaton Family

autumn leaf printable

We hope you and your family enjoy our autumn leaf journal printable as much as we did! Please tag us in your pictures if you use them, we love to see you all enjoying our creations! Let us know how you’re using them, and give us a wave if you’re using them for ENWC Autumn Leaf Week! We LOVE ENWC!

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