3 Reasons to Move House in the Summer

Moving house at any time can feel extremely stressful, but on balance there are definitely times that are better than others! Summer is definitely one of those times. Here are 3 reasons to move house in the Summer.

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Whether you’re someone who loves nothing more than to up sticks and move regularly, or you’re someone who really can’t stand the thought of the upheavel, you should definitely be considering when the best time to move would be. And that’s why we’ve put together a few reasons why we think moving house during the Summer season is your best option!

3 Reasons to Move House in the Summer

1. The Weather

Seems like an obvious one, doesn’t it? And for good reason! It’s going to be much better for both moods amongst the moving crew, and also managing to physically move all of your things from A to B too! You really don’t want to be stuck in heavy rain or snow, in freezing temperatures with a truck load of your belongings! Plus, if you decide to declutter before packing and you hire a skip from skiphirecoventry.co.uk, it will be so much easier to load it when the weather is good. And of course as we mentioned before, the added level of Vitamin D we get from the sunshine on our faces improves everyone’s mood! That includes yours, your family and the people you hire to help with the moving process!

An additional bonus of the weather being better is that you will also be able to spend much more time exploring your new area too! You can take long walks, or short strolls. If you have children, they can spend hours playing in the park in the warmer weather.

2. Longer Days & School Holidays

Longer days equals more time to get things done while it’s light! This can be especially handy when you’ve hired a removal truck for a time period (24/48 hours). You’ll be able to cover more ground in those daylight hours than in those shorter, Winter days. More usable time equals more productivity. Every hour counts during a house move.

If you’re a parent, there’s the added bonus that you won’t have to worry about timing everything to fit the children’s school schedule, as they’ll likely be off for the Summer! Adding the stress of timing a 9am drop off and a 3am pick up to your already full day of moving is something you could definitely do without!

3. The real estate market BOOMS during the Summer season.

Whether you’re looking for real estate for sale in Whistler, BC or London UK, both the UK and the US the real estate market has a significant increase in activity during Summer months. This will mean better availability for where you’re looking to move, and a much higher chance of selling quickly if you’re wanting to avoid being the weakest link in a buying chain! Nobody likes a slow real estate market when they’re looking to move, so aiming to move house during Summer really can be the best option on both sides of the moving experience.

So there are just 3 very simple but important reasons why considering putting off a house move until Summer could be a great choice! Simple things that make life easier when you’re dealing with the stresses and strains of moving your entire life can make a huge difference overall.

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