4 DIY Clothing Related Ideas to Save Money

Let’s face it, clothes and all things to do with clothing cost a lot of money. The act of buying clothes can get expensive, and then you also have additional purchases – such as clothes hangers, wardrobes, and other forms of clothing storage. Here are 4 DIY clothing related ideas to help you save money!

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Thankfully, if you’re someone that loves a bit of DIY crafting, you have an abundance of ideas to help you save money. There are loads of little projects and crafts you can try that will stop you from spending a fortune on everything clothing-related! Keep on reading, and you’ll find a few of the best ideas below.

DIY Closet

Unsurprisingly, there are plenty of DIY closet ideas that you can attempt in your bedrooms. However, the easiest idea is simply to build your own small wooden closet. You really don’t need many materials or skills to do this – all that’s required are some planks of wood and a metal railing or two. 

Effectively, you build this as you would build a bookcase, creating the outer frame with the wooden planks. You’ll push this up against a wall, so you don’t even need a back to it – though it will make your wardrobe look a bit better. Put some shelving at the bottom if you like, or drill holes at the top and midway through to create two areas to stick your metal poles. Now, you’ve got a small wardrobe to hang clothes in and keep everything neat, without forking out a fortune on an overpriced product!

Make Shorts out of Jeans

There comes a time in your life where jeans no longer fit as they used to. They’re fine around the waist, but the length gets a bit short. This can happen if you get taller, but it can also be down to some shrinkage in the wash. Realistically, for most of you, this problem is going to affect your kids rather than you! 

Consequently, to avoid throwing away lots of pairs of jeans, you can repurpose them into shorts. Yes, you’ll still need to buy some new jeans, but you save money on summer clothing by already having shorts lined up for them! The same concept can be done with joggers and school trousers as well; when the ankles start showing, convert them into shorts that can be worn again and again.

DIY Non-Slip Hangers

Have you ever dealt with the annoyance of clothing that keeps slipping off the hangers? You end up with a crumpled heap of clothes at the bottom of your closet, and it’s so frustrating! As a result, you’re forced to spend money on more hangers, forking out the cash on the expensive non-slip ones. 

Well, what if you learned that there was an easy way to make your own non-slip hangers, and all you need is a glue gun? Places like Glue Guns Direct sell these guns all the time, and the idea is you put little blobs of hot glue along the top of your hangers. When everything has dried, you’ll have these hard little pieces of glue that provide extra grip for your clothes. Just like that, you’ve stopped your clothes from falling into a heap, saving money on the extra hangers you were going to buy. If you really want to take a deep dive into things, you can say that money gets saved from not needing to do the ironing as well!

Un-Shrink your Clothes

We’ve all been there; you put a wash on, only to end up with clothes that are significantly smaller than they used to be. There’s nothing worse than shrinking clothes as you feel like you’ve wasted so much money. Sure, you can donate them to charity or pass them down to your younger kids, but that doesn’t stop you from needing to buy replacements. 

Well, with a simple DIY hack you can un-shrink your clothes. The whole process is explained on One Good Thing, but all you need is some water, baby shampoo, and a couple of towels. Effectively, you soak your clothes in warm water and baby shampoo, massaging them slightly. This relaxes the fibers, and then you pat them dry and stretch them out with your hands. Let them air dry, and you’ll end up with clothes that have been restored to their previous size! Money is saved, and you’ve probably already got everything you need for this task in your home anyway.

Do you want to stop spending money on clothes and clothing-related items? Try these four DIY crafts to keep your budget happy. There are plenty of other ideas out there as well, but these four are great starting points.

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