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With an endless abundance of natural resources to utilise during Autumn, it’s a fantastic time to get crafting with little ones! With that in mind, here are some Autumn activities for kids of all ages that we think sound great!

While the sunny days may start to be a thing of the past, let’s not forget how great it is to embrace the different weather we now get in the autumn months. The changing colours, the puddles on the ground, and the abundance of pumpkins are all great prompts for activities you can enjoy with younger children.

I have found some great autumnal activities for you and your toddler. Including puddle jumping, visiting a pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving, and more.

Often the simple things are the most effective.

I also found another great post sharing some fun autumn activities with children. There are some excellent ideas including what you can do with a collection of fallen leaves and twigs. Den building is also an excellent idea that involves the whole family. Check it out and let me know what you get up to.

Halloween Crafts & Activities 

One of the biggest events of the autumn calendar has to be Halloween. While we may not be as obsessed with the holiday as our US friends, we are certainly catching up in terms of excitement, decor, and fun at this time of the year. Here are some of the best Halloween-focused activities and crafts I have found.

Halloween Crafts For Babies & Toddlers

Credit – Stapos Thrifty Life Hacks

Babies can still get in on the action with all things autumn and Halloween. These Halloween activities for babies including the Bumpkin, spooky feet, and sensory bag ideas are great for babies and younger children.

Credit – Craft Hustle Directory


Maybe you like the idea of getting your baby all dressed up but find the outfits might be a little difficult to pull off. Then why not create your own? The Craft Hustle Directory has shared a tutorial to help you create your own DIY Tie Dye Baby clothes. You could even apply the same method for older children’s t-shirts and have them all matching. How great do these look?

Credit – The Heathered Nest

Toddlers are always looking to get messy and involved in crafts, but sometimes it is hard to find something they can do. However, I found some great Handprint art ideas for all seasons on The Heathered Nest blog. This Halloween one looks like a great activity for younger children to enjoy.

Credit – Mommyhood Life

Sometimes a simple craft is all it takes to have some fun and these DIY Mummy water bottles are a great option to consider. It’s a quirky idea that uses items you may have in the house or in the recycling, and it’s safe for even toddlers to have a go at.

Halloween Crafts For 4-10 Year Olds

Credit – Jupiter Hadley

It’s all about creating a spooky atmosphere during Halloween, and this incredible Jack-O-Lantern Halloween craft is perfect for younger children to get involved with. These are perfect to display all around your home but especially on windowsills as an extra decoration for Halloween night.

Credit – Craftidly

You can have a lot of fun with paper plates, and at Halloween creating decorations from there can be a lot of fun. I found a tutorial explaining how to create Paper Plate mummies and they look so good. Why not try one yourself?

Halloween Crafts for Older Children

Credit – A rose tinted world

Maybe your older kids and teens might like the idea of getting creative with the decoration side of things for Halloween. Perhaps being too cool for a bit of trick or treating now they have hit a certain age. Door wreaths are so popular these days and I found an epic Halloween rag wreath that you might want to try. This is so creative and I can’t wait to try this myself. Simple and effective Halloween decor.

Sticking with the decoration side of things, the Mental Health Parent blog shared some easy and fun Halloween ideas including the use of plastic spiders and webs and some amazing ideas for creating Halloween treats. Older children love any opportunity to get in the kitchen so you may find some great inspiration here.

Credit – Craft Hustle Directory

Another fabulous decoration idea is this Light up Halloween frame that I found from the Craft Hustle Directory. It is a craft that takes a little more time, patience, and precision but it is perfect for older children to get involved in creating spooky frames to display in the window.

Autumn Crafts & Activities

Autumn Crafts for Babies & Toddlers

Credit – Mama of Minis

Painting is something that many toddlers and younger children love to do. However, it can get a little messy if there is no stricture to it. But I found an excellent Apple painting craft that you could try with your little ones from the Mama of Minis blog. This helps them to understand shapes and colours and also helps you to create a lovely image once it drys.


Credit – Mama of Minis

Sensory crafts will always go down well and this Fall snow globe is a lovely one to try with younger children. Add all things autumn and make it safe for young children by using a plastic container.

Credit – Journey to SAHM

Painting is something that younger children and toddlers love to do, but paintbrush skills are something they need to learn. That’s why this easy autumn tree craft I found that uses pegs and pom-poms as the paintbrush will make creating this craft super fun and easy for your little ones.

Credit – The Ladybirds Adventure

Art and messy play through paints is often a highlight for toddlers, and process art, where you give them the materials and let them get creative is a great way to encourage different processes like fine motor skills. This autumn process art for toddlers is a great guide to help you get started with it.

Autumn Crafts for Children aged 4-10

Credit – Two kids and a coupon

Autumn is all about the changing of colours and how the environment evolves. So a great autumn craft idea is to capture that through this Easy Fall Leaf craft I found on the Two Kids and A Coupon blog. It is a great one to strengthen fine motor skills as it focuses a lot on paper craft.

Credit – Ottawa Mommy Club

Another great one that involves leaves and lots of autumn colours is this DIY Fall Paper Leaf Garland I found on the Ottawa Mommy Club blog. Not only is it easy to follow but there is also a printable template to make things a little easier. Another great craft idea that helps strengthen fine motor skills and encourages good practice with the scissors. Just make sure you are keeping an eye on things when scissors are being used.

Credit – Active Littles

Paper plates are a staple if you are keen crafters, and they can be turned into some amazing crafts. One such option to consider in the autumn is creating this Autumn wreath paper plate craft I found on the Active Littles blog. This is such a flexible craft so you can really get creative with it. Perhaps sticking real leaves you find on an autumn walk. Perfect to display inside your home.

Credit – Mommyhood Life

If you want to have some ideas for autumn as well as using the opportunity for some crafting then this fun bucket list craft for autumn should be right up your street. Get your kids to come up with some ideas on what they might want to do. Especially during the October half term.

Autumn Crafts & Activities for Older Kids/Teens

Credit – Mrs Pinch

Pumpkins are traditionally the image of autumn, is it not? So your older children may want to get creative with this idea I found on the Mrs Pinch blog. Sugar scrub bars that you can make in the shape of pumpkins. They are simple to make and something that you could all use. They could also make excellent gifts for friends and family.

Credit – The Heathered Nest

It is all about the pumpkins at this time of year, am I right? It has become a lot more popular to decorate our homes with autumnal decorations and this Easy and Colourful Fall Pom Pom Pumpkin I found on The Heather Nest blog is a little quirky and all kinds of fabulous. Perfect for your older children to get a little creative and engaged in a craft project.

Credit – DIY Candy

Who said wine corks were for throwing away? Save them and have your older children make creative and cute pumpkins as decorations. These wine cork pumpkins are adorable and could be a decor feature that you bring out year after year.

Credit – Lil Tigers

Intricate crafts are always a little more appealing to your older children and teenagers, so these Pressed leaves and flower bookmarks could be an excellent one to capture the beautiful colours of autumn and nature. They make excellent gift ideas and could be a great option to consider.

Credit – Crafty Art Ideas

Painting is usually a craft you save for younger children, but it can be very therapeutic for older children to enjoy and settle down to paint something. This watercolour fall pumpkin tutorial takes you through a step-by-step guide to create a beautiful autumnal image. Perfect for your older children to enjoy a little downtime.

I love this list, because it really covers children of all ages. As a mother of 4 that’s important to me! I hope you find something on the list of ideas here that you try and have fun with! I know I’m going to be!

L xxx

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