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Hey folks. It’s October, and we are now fully immersed in all of the Autumn splendour. So it’s only fair that my blog becomes an Autumn blog along with my life. So of course I jumped at the chance to take part in ‘Blogtober’ with some of my fellow bloggers, and created by Jupiter from Life with Jupiter and Dann, to answer a bunch of questions all about our Autumn/Fall favourites!

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What is Blogtober?

Essentially, Blogtober is just a fantastic excuse to talk even more about the most delicious season (in my opinion) of the year in more detail. And if you know me, you know that is something I would never turn down.

So let’s get down to some autumn themed questions and answers, shall we?

Blogtober Q&A

1. What is your favorite fall accessory?

Does a cosy knit count? Thick, wool socks? I hope they both do, because I am an absolute sucker for a huge jumper or cardigan! I particularly love a good, vintage Depop find! Or the charity shop! I dream in Toast (the divine store), I can afford… my second hand bargains! Haha! But I do genuinely love second hand hunting!

2. Where do you go to purchase new Halloween decorations / items?

If I’m going to buy new, I LOVE Etsy for handmade, small business options. You can find the quirkiest and most unique halloween decorations and things over there! I do love to find things second hand though, so I would always check FB marketplace for a bargain!

3. What is one autumn tradition you have?

We take the kids apple picking at the same orchard every year! It’s a stunning location for both the joy of picking apples, but also for getting some amazing photographs! Of course we also go pumpkin picking since it rose in popularity in the UK, and have been doing that every year since then.

Another of my favourite autumn traditions is baking a Parkin on bonfire night, along with chilli and oven baked potatoes. The parkin is a bake my nannan used to make when I was growing up, and it screams autumnal nostalgia to me. The smell is beyond comforting, and is a MUST bake for me every year!

4. What is your favorite Halloween Movie?

Ooooo Hocus Pocus or Casper? Hocus Pocus, or Casper?! I just can’t decide! Oh, oh PRACTICAL MAGIC!! I love them all!

5. What is one candy you’d hope to not see in your bag while trick-or-treating?

Can I say sweets in general? I’m not a HUGE sweet lover! I much prefer chocolate… or a cheeseburger! Haha! If I had to choose something, then I’d choose those jelly sweets that are really soft and stick to your teeth. Bleugh!

6. Pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate?

Listen, we all know I’m THE biggest coffee addict. But I’m a strong, black coffee addict, none of that creamy, sweet stuff! So I’m definitely going to opt for a really good quality, hot chocolate! Perfect for those chilly, autumn evenings! Or even better if they’re made over a campfire.

7. Coziest thing to wear as the weather gets colder?

I have raynaud’s and am ALWAYS cold, so the cosiest thing for me to wear is 50 layers, thick socks, fleece jumpers and 2 duvets. That is all!

8. What is the coolest design you’ve ever carved or painted onto a pumpkin?

Oooooh I think I once did a really intricate owl design! But the one I remember being most proud of was a cinderella carriage I made for Nola! Complete with wheels, horses and curtains! Haha!

9. Do you prefer bonfires on an autumn evening or haunted houses once the sun is down?

Bonfires! I LOVE anything cosy! The crackle of a bonfire on a cold, autumn evening is perfection. I’m not so much a fan of haunted houses! I love a scary movie, but nothing that feels real!

10. What are you most excited for this autumn?

Just simply… Autumn. No frills. I just absolutely adore the change of the seasons. That feeling of starting fresh. The colours, the air. Everything. It’s my favourite time of the year, and just being in it increases my mood ten fold!

So there you have it! My answers to 10 autumn themed questions for Blogtober 2021! I’m always open to more Autumn discussion, so let me know your answers below!

L xxx

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