The Moon Almanac by Judith Hurrell | Book Review

If you’re as passionate about the moon as I am, and you want to feast on a book full of everything celebratory about our lunar companion, then you’ll want to read this divine book, the Moon Almanac, by Judith Hurrell!

moon almanac book

When I was gifted this stunning book, the Moon Almanac, by Judith and Summersdale Books to review, I wasn’t prepared for just how utterly beautiful it would be. The cover alone is a gorgeous, rich blue and the lettering shimmers. A very sweet nod to the subject of conversation.

Not just a book about the moon…

This isn’t simply another book about the moon, I’d suggest it’s more a love letter. An in depth conversation about a family member or close friend.

Stories, facts and poetry.

A collection of factual, artistic, religious, spiritual and creative tit-bits, this book never gets boring. You won’t find yourself wishing for the end of the chapter, or the end of the book. This is not what this book was written to be. With facts about moon phases and special moons, paired with the more magical and spiritual aspects such as poetry, quotes and celebrations, you’re constantly entertained and educated with more and more.

Some of the quotes the book features just hit me in my moon loving heart.

A moon centred feast.

This book was never meant to drain you whilst throwing facts your way. It was written as a celebration of the Earth’s only natural satellite. The glorious reason for the tides, the weather, and depending on what you believe, our emotions too! This book was written as a celebration of all of it!

I love that it’s split into the monthly moons, and information about the moons that is related to the type of moon or the time of year. It makes it really easy to flick through and find what you need. And then to find things you didn’t think you needed, but you definitely did. Like this stunning, September Moon poetry!

Celebrating cultural moon celebrations

I think one of my favourite things about the book, is that it featured various, cultural, moon celebrations. I always love to learn more about different cultures, and how they perhaps see and honour something in different ways.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase the book from the following places:

Honestly, if you’re a lover of all things lunar, then this book is definitely one to add to your bookshelf. It’s a gorgeous one to leave on your bedside table, and just dive in and out of as it calls to you!

L xxx

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