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In our home we all absolutely LOVE an Autumn walk. Listening, looking, feeling. So we’ve created a free Autumn printables, Autumn walk journal for you to take out with you during this glorious season.

free autumn printables

The crunch of leaves on the ground. The sight of some fallen sweet chestnuts. Autumn really is such a delightful season, and it is, without a doubt, my favourite.

It’s a definite favourite of ours as a family, to go out on an Autumnal walk, and pay attention to the changes that come with the seasonal crossover. This is also a great activity to do on the equinox, as an extra celebratory activity!

What do you see?

Will you see red leaves? Brown leaves? Green leaves? Feathers or chestnuts? Perhaps you’ll notice some eager animals storing away foods in preparation for the Winter season. Whatever it is you happen to notice on your wander, make sure to draw or write in the little frame!

What do you hear?

The wind rustling through the crunchy leaves? Your feet crunching the leaves instead? If you head out in the rain you may hear some tippy, tappy raindrops. There’s also a little section to record what you hear while you’re out! You may even catch some tractor sounds as it’s harvest season!

How is the weather?

This will be completely different on any given day, and for people in a different geographical location! Was it rainy? Cloudy? Sunny? Warm or cold? Autumn gives us the whole array of weather here in the UK, but if you’re in a different part of the world you may have different?!

An Autumnal display of colours

Why is Autumn one of my favourites you may ask? The variety of colours that the natural world treats us to is just another level. The golds, reds and browns. Make sure you record all of those glorious colours in your Autumn walk journal.

Write whatever you feel

Your Autumn walk journal printable is for you to write about whatever you feel. Whether that’s what you see, what you hear or how your walk makes you feel, this journal page is for you to write exactly what YOU want.

The Download

autumn walk journal page

Make sure to tag us in your photos on social media if you use the journal page! We love to see what you’ve been up to!

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