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There are a lot of printables available for the Back to School season for public schoolers, but I wanted a NOT back to school printable for my kids! So I decided to create one for all of us Home Educators/Homeschoolers to enjoy!

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Not Back to School

So it’s September, and we home educators are definitely NOT back to school. However, we do love a little celebration of the fact!

I often see boards that are a little specific to public schooled children. I decided I wanted to create a free printable that you could all print off to celebrate the NOT back to school season, like we do!

Celebrating who your children are

I wanted to include prompts about who they are, what they enjoy and what they’re passionate about without the questions being too specific to things like reading, or academics. Leaving things more open means your children can answer in ways that fit them personally.

Learning to acknowledge what they like about themselves

I’ve included a prompt for them to say something they like about themself. I don’t think this is a skill we were taught enough as children. It’s surely something we struggle with as adults. I would love to see what your children come up with here, and it should definitely be celebrated, whatever it is!

In both UK and US English

I know sometimes there is sometimes the issue of words like ‘colour’/’color’ and so I’ve included a link to download in either UK or US English.

FREE Not Back to School Printable Download

Please tag us or let us know when you’re using them, on instagram @theheatonfam as we love to see our resources being used! And enjoy!

L xxx

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