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We love to share great, free resources when we find them. I know it helps families when we do! Here’s a great set of resources full of free solitaire card games, as well as other nostalgic games too!

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I have found a few sites which are giving me an absolute blast from the past! When I found them, it instantly brought back memories of long, slow Sundays at my nan’s house. We would have Sunday lunch, build dens and play card game after card game! Solitaire. Gin Rummy. Cribbage. Snap. Go fish.

Gradually as I started to get a little older, computers became a more regular item in a household, and each one had a basic set of games.

At this point I remember playing computer Solitaire, Minesweeper and Majhong, and thinking it was the most amazing thing ever! Kids today just don’t understand how basic was the best!

So that’s why when I came across these websites I HAD to tell you about them. If you remember those first years of the computers in the home. Watching your grandparents trying to figure out a mouse and keyboard. Fighting over whose turn it was on the 4 games that you had to choose from (minesweeper anyone?!), then these resources are definitely for you!

Free Solitaire Card Games

Here on this website I found called there’s good, old classic Solitaire. But there is also a whole array of snazzy solitaires that I’ve never seen before! Spider, Tripeak, Golf… I’d never seen them before, but they give a great variation of the original version.

Be warned that once you hit play on this oldie, but goodie, you’ll be just as addicted as the days you used to play, way back when!

I quite enjoyed the challenge of freecell and tripeak solitaire in particular. It’s completely different and I feel like it required a lot more of my focus. Has anyone ever tried these?! Every round I thought I was going to absolutely smash tripeak, and every time, I lost! Haha! Freecell requires you moving cards out and back into the game to try and help free up the cards on the table.

Free Majhong

This is definitely up there in the very limited games that used to dwell on our first home computers too! Majhong! I’m not going to lie, it took me some time to remember what to do, but once I remembered it was as easy (or hard) as the days I used to play!

This is the original match multiple of things to remove them game. But only the ones on top or around the edges.

Free Card Games (Gin Rummy, Crazy Eights etc)

When I noticed the Gin Rummy here, and cribbage here, it actually brought a tear to my eye as I used to play that with my nan on Sundays. A proper pack of cards, and hours of her being the most patient grandparent, while I’m sure we drove her crazy! Haha!

This version sadly doesn’t have my nannan, but I did definitely enjoy spending time having a good play!

It seems to have more cards in the hand than when I used to play. Maybe my nannan was just kind to my little hands, ha! And in this one you’re playing against the computer.

Warning – The computer is good at this game. He may make you feel like your childhood card game skills are not quite up to it!

Free Yahtzee

On this website, I found free Yahtzee, which is definitely also a blast from family Sundays! Although I can confirm it’s just as annoying to play it online now than it ever was to play it in real life with your competitive family members!

I have really enjoyed spending more time than I probably should as a busy mum of 4 (haha) playing these blast from the past games. These websites also includes hidden object, match 3 and other games that the kids will love too. But really, we all know this is mostly our domain as 80’s/90’s kids right?!

Do you have memories of these games from childhood? Did you play the physical version or the original computers versions? Both like me?

If you’ve followed us on instagram for a while, you’ll know I’m always a massive fan of anything that stirs up those nostalgic, childhood memories. This was a big one for me. I absolutely loved losing myself playing these games!

L xxx

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