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It’s getting to that time of year where the chill comes back into the air, the leaves turn a whole multitude of vibrant colours and the world feels fresh and new. So just in time we’ve pulled together a collection of great pumpkin crafts for kids!

15 Pumpkin Crafts for Autumn Kids

1. Pom Pom Painted Pumpkin Cupcake Craft For Fall – Glued to My Crafts

This Pom Pom Painted Pumpkin Cupcake craft from Glued to my Crafts, is a fantastic craft for the younger ones! With painting, cutting and sticking it will really challenge your little ones hand eye coordination, and fine motor skills. Plus it’s pumpkin themed! A great addition to our pumpkin crafts!

2. Button and Ribbon Pumpkins – Toddler Approved

This super simple button and ribbon, pumpkin craft activity by Toddler Approved, is a really wonderful way to involve the toddlers in your life in some autumn crafts. It can sometimes be tricky to keep them happy and content while your older children do more advanced crafting. So this one is a great, age appropriate way for them to get in some crafting and fine motor practice of their own.

3. Terra Cotta Pot Pumpkin – Glued to My Crafts

Another wonderful, pumpkin themed craft activity from Glued to my Crafts. This terracotta pot pumpkin craft activity is another really simple but effective activity for little ones.

You just need a little plant pot, some felt pens or paint and some pipe cleaners! How much more simple could you ask for?!

4. Paper Pumpkin Craft – Easy Peasy and Fun

Requiring as much or as little skill as you need (therefore age appropriate for many ages), this paper pumpkin craft from Easy Peasy and Fun is another great autumn activity, that will result in extra halloween decor for your home too!

If you want to entertain the older kids, make sure you get them cutting their own shapes, if you need it simplifying for the little ones, you cut and let them stick.

5. Toddler Friendly Pumpkin Glittering – No Time For Flash Cards

When I think of autumn crafts, I tend to neglect to consider my toddler’s needs whilst I’m attempting more advanced crafts with my older children. That’s where toddler friendly crafts like this Glitter Pumpkin Craft by No Time for Flash Cards comes in.

Your older children can be carving their pumpkins, and you don’t need to worry about your toddler being entertained, because they can create their very own glitter pumpkin alongside their older siblings.

Full family craft activities.

6. Pumpkin Face Lacing Practice – I Heart Crafty Things

A wonderful autumn activity for kids with an edge of fine motor skill/ sewing practice included. The more advanced the child, the more intricate sewing detail they could add.

7. Paper Plate Pumpkin Ice Cream Cone Craft For Kids – Glued to My Crafts

How sweet is this pumpkin ice cream kid craft from Glued to my Crafts?! I know a certain, ice cream loving toddler who will adore this activity late into Autumn!

8. Easy Pumpkin Sun Catcher For Toddlers – Toddler Approved

If there’s something I love, it’s when the children do crafts that result in decorations we can put on display. Suncatchers are my favourite! So with this easy pumpkin suncatcher craft from Toddler Approved, I get the best of both my love of Autumn, and my love for suncatchers!

9. Easy and Fun Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft – Fireflies and Mud Pies

Paper plates are certainly a favourite with crafting families like ours, and here is another fabulous use of one! This easy paper plate pumpkin will be a great task for younger children.

Oh, who am I kidding? The bigger kids here would get carried away with this too!

10. No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Mr. Pumpkin Man – Hands On As We Grow

Let’s be honest… If you have kids, you’ll know that they can’t often manage the difficulty of carving a pumpkin. It takes till they’re quite old to get to the point where a carver works for them!

So this No Carve Pumpkin Man activity from Hands on as we Grow is an amazing way to include the smaller ones in the family in pumpkin decorating sessions. You could create a whole family of no carve pumpkin characters!

11. Pumpkin Craft Fall Decoration – Fantastic Fun and Learning

If you’re looking for pumpkin crafts for older kids, then this pumpkin vine craft by Fantastic Fun and Learning is the one. It requires a little extra skill in the form of the paper folding in a certain way, and then getting it to work to form the shape, so it’s a great challenge for slightly older children.

12. Button Pumpkin Autumn Craft – Adventure in a Box

Button sticking crafts are a great way to work on your children’s fine motor skills. Especially with all the different sizes and shapes, and trying to keep them within the shape!

This very sweet, button, pumpkin craft by Adventure in a Box is sure to keep those little fingers and brains working!

13. Paper Plate Pumpkin Owl – Glued to My Crafts

Oh, of all the sweet, paper plate crafts! This is a hoot! (Pardon the pun!).

14. Popsicle Stick Pumpkin Craft – Easy Peasy and Fun

You could do this great, lollipop stick, pumpkin craft idea and run with it. Create a whole array of halloween characters!

15. Stained Glass Pumpkin Suncatchers – Crafts On Sea

Another one that captures my adoration of suncatchers! This gorgeous, stained glass, pumpkin craft by Crafts on Sea adds a pop of colour to the usually just orange pumpkin!

So there you have it. A collection of Pumpkin Crafts for the whole family!

Not long till Autumn hits now, I can smell it approaching! (sniffs loudly). Is Autumn anyone else’s favourite season?!

L xxx

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