Our Favourite FREE Online Games for Kids

Sometimes you get fed up of the millionth question of ‘can I just get this game’ or ‘this add on’?! Read ahead to find out what our favourite and FREE online games for kids are, and help yourself save a penny or two!

It’s currently the Summer holidays for a lot of children and parents, or, for us as Home Educators, it’s the time of year we huddle away in hiding while the country is absolutely overran with people in all of our favourite, out of the house places.

So, we all need something to do, whether that’s while it’s rainy outside, or whether it’s just because you’re stuck in or hiding out, so we’ve compiled a quick list of FREE games websites to try and help to curb the boredom.

Our Favourite FREE Online Games Websites


Most of us have heard of CBBC/CBeebies, but did you know they also have a great collection of free games on their website?! It’s really easy to forget amongst today’s iPads and XBoxs that we have free games at the click of a mouse, but here we are!

You can even sneak in some extra information absorption without them thinking too much about it, with games such as the Horrible Histories Beastly Box-Set Adventure and Junior Vets on Call. But you can also let them play with their favourite characters, like Dennis the Menace and Danger Mouse!


Relatively new to the scene, Plays.org is a website that is absolutely jam packed with gaming fun for all ages!

From personal, childhood favourites of mine, like Tetris and a mouse themed, Pac-man style game, to simulator games that have a very ‘theme hospital’ style vibe, there’s honestly something for everyone in the family.

My 8 year old spent ages playing on the Penguin Cafe game, and I love that she was able to navigate the site and the controls easily without my help.

M Playing the Penguin Cafe game | Plays.org

My 12 year old favourite the Dennis the Menace Zom-Pea game (of course haha!) and I had to prize her off of the website to use my computer!

There is also a section for Educational Games, which is a fantastic resource for us home educators!

With a gaming catalogue that includes Lego, Star Wars, Scooby Doo and more, what are you waiting for?!

Cartoon Network

Another TV Network, turned games website, Cartoon Network is packed with TV show games. And of course these are always going to work great for your kids if they’re used to watching their favourite TV shows on these channels!

With the ability to search games via TV show, your kids will be thrilled at themed games for shows such as The Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans Go and Monster Beach!

Sesame Street

Oh it’s an oldie but always a goody!

The Sesame Street website has games!! Yes!! This is of course a great games and colouring sheet website for the littler ones in your life.

Seeing their favourite, Sesame Street characters in easy to play games is perfect for younger children in the family. Although I must admit a definite soft spot for Elmo myself.


For free, educational games, Funbrain is an amazing resource!

There are games like chess, noughts and crosses (tic tac toe to my American friends), and loads of other math games. There are also science edged games, books, videos and more! It’s a little bit of an educational treasure trove!

You can also find some of your favourite characters on here too. So sit your kids down and let them explore, this is such a great resource for home educators!

So there you have 5 of our favourites!

It’s important to us that we utilise as many resources as possible in our educating of the kids, but also their entertainment. They learn how to use the computer through resources like these without even thinking much about it! Computer skills are a very important skill to have today.

Are there any other great, free resources you utilise as a family? Let us know!

L xxx

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