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Are you struggling for ideas during Autumn or wanting to help your child connect with the seasons and seasonal fun? Download our FREE Autumn Activities PDF bundle, and have lots of seasonal fun!

autumn activities bundle

There’s no doubt about it, as a family Autumn is our favourite season of the year.

We can forage the abundance of gifts nature provides, we can play amongst the leaves, go pumpkin picking, and start to enjoy snuggling up as the weather drops cooler.

Things to do in Autumn

So, to help you folks to celebrate such a delicious season and enjoy all it has offer as much as we do together, we have put together a bucket list of seasonal activities! We have a jam packed list, but also a blank version that will allow you to create your own magical season together.

An Autumn Scavenger Hunt

One of our all time favourite things to do at every change of seasons is a seasonal, scavenger hunt! That is why we have included one for you and your little ones to enjoy together.

Each year, they’ll learn to look for these natural changes, creatures and resources through doing hunts like this through their younger years.

Have fun!

We hope you enjoy our free downloads as much as we love creating them! Take photos of your children (and you!) using them, and tag us on social media on Instagram, Facebook, or by including us in your blog posts!

The FREE Download

Here she is! Click download and enjoy!

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