Panda Sweets | Pick n Mix Company Review

Have you been looking for a great pick n mix company to order from? We were kindly gifted this yummy, Pick & Mix Box from the folks over at Panda Sweets for a review.

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Panda Sweets | A Review

If you grew up in the late 80’s/90’s, it’s quite possible that the ‘pick n mix’ sweet selections were a staple of your childhood. They certainly were for me! 90’s childhood nostalgia is the best kind!

There’s nothing that holds that same nostalgia quite like the memory of running to your local, corner shop to grab a 20p mix. Am I right?!

The birth of the online Pick n Mix…

So, with the fall of popularity in the corner shop pick n mix in more recent years, it hasn’t skipped my attention that a few online sweet shops have popped up, to help us get back those feelings, and find our favourite sweets from our younger years!

Panda Sweets…

We were sent a very large (the pictures don’t do it justice!) and extremely yummy Pick n Mix box that was absolutely PACKED with sweets, marshmallows and chocolate!

pick n mix

If you’re going to order a box of sweets, you want a giant one, right?! Haha!

Full of childhood favourites…

Bananas & Shrimps, Bubblegum Bottles, Fried Eggs, Fizzy Strawberries… oh my! I’m not sure I can quite convey just what a selection was packed into this one box, and at Panda they don’t just have a one size fits all box. They have vegan, dairy free, vegetarian, and halal options too!


I definitely also wanted to shout out the packaging, because in my head I always wondered how a box of sweets made it safely through the post.

Our box arrived with the sweets packaged very cleanly and securely in a bag, inside of the box. This meant they were fresh, and only emptied out into the box once I chose to! No stale sweets here!

A great gift idea too…

A pick n mix box like this would make such a great gift! With the secure packaging you know the sweets will keep if you’re buying them a little in advance (Christmas, Birthdays etc), and they’re also just so incredibly YUMMY too!

Do you have a childhood friend who you used to run to the shop with your pocket money with? I feel like they’d really appreciate a box like this! Haha!

pick n mix company

So why not give them a whirl?

And if you decide to you can use code HEATON to get 15% off anything you order from the Panda Sweets website! (Valid until the 31st Oct 2021).

L xxx

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