The Year we Muddled Through & The Wonderful World was Waiting | Book Review

Here are our The Year we Muddled Through & The Wonderful World was Waiting book reviews, which were both written by Lauren Fennemore and illustrated by Zoe Damoulakis.

We were gifted these gorgeous books by the wonderful folks over at Owlet Press, and it was an honour to be sent them.

The Year we all Muddled Through

This book is a collection of the ways in which we all slowed down, and occupied ourselves at home during the lockdown of 2020.

It’s full of rainbows and recollections of what we did, but with an added sprinkle of magical storytelling, and I feel it’s extremely validating of the experiences that our children will remember for decades to come.

This was the first book of the duo, and it was a complete surprise to receive it. It really hit me emotionally to receive it after such a rough year for us all as a family.

The Wonderful World was Waiting

In the second of the pair The Wonderful World was Waiting, the book moves on to discuss how the outside world and our families were waiting for us all to come back while we were in lockdown.

It’s a beautiful and emotional collection, which again has the added magic of storytelling. What really got me was the page pictured above, all about the hugs and loves from the family we missed. I think that’s something that so many of us were waiting for, so it really hit home.

Both of these stunning and heartachingly touching books will serve as reminders and keepsakes for decades to come. Our children will no doubt share them with their children, and so on and so forth.

It really has been a tough 18 months plus for our families worldwide. These books serve as a sort of validation and appreciation of what we’ve all been through.

A beautiful keepsake collection…

I cannot say enough about how fantastic I think this duo is for the validation of what our children have been through during the pandemic. I was so extremely honoured to be gifted them with zero request to review. I chose to review simply because they deserve it.

You can buy the books via the Owlet Press website here.

L xxx

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