Little Naturalists Club | Nature Subscription Box

Have you been looking for a great, nature subscription box for your little ones, but are unsure which to go for? Here is our review on the wonderful Little Naturalists Club.

Spoiler alert: We LOVE them.

*Disclaimer: We were paying customers of Little Naturalists Club for a while before being asked to be brand reps. We genuinely LOVE them.

nature identification cards from a nature subscription box
Some of the winter tree bark ID cards from Little Naturalists Club

Do your children LOVE to explore nature?

The subscription boxes from Little Naturalists Club are above and beyond any other that we have tried.

They are packed full of information about the month’s topic at hand in the form of both ID cards and an information booklet.

We love to take these out with us when we go exploring. It’s also extremely helpful that the boxes are fitting for the season, as we love to be out exploring and learning about our surroundings no matter what the weather.

Changing with the Seasons.

The boxes change each month, and align with the seasonal changes. This is absolutely fantastic for making sure they’re relative to what is occurring within your surroundings.

I find it has helped us through winter to think of more and more activities to keep the children excited during those Winter walks, which sometimes start to feel a little tough for little ones.

Little additions that provide lots of activities.

Along with the ID cards and informational booklet, the boxes come with an activity booklet and additional resources which provide numerous, fun activities.

They don’t have ridiculous amounts of junk in them, the resources sent are all eco friendly, and a minimal amount for maximum effect.

For example, in one box there was dried flowers, rainbow rice and ‘magical fizzing’ potion. This provided hours (and I mean HOURS) of play for our little ones. They made mud pies, and pebble mixtures, but we also brought some snow inside and made glittery snow creations too!

Of course, there are activities for older children too. My oldest daughter LOVED the supplies for bark rubbing, and beeswax candle making.

Keeping things sustainable.

Unlike so many kits available now, The Little Naturalist Club boxes have minimal packaging, and minimal waste.

While they provide resources for numerous activities in each box, they don’t individually package the bits that really don’t need it! I LOVE that.

I also love that something that shows up in quite a few of the boxes, is seeds! You can’t go wrong with seeds!

Fantastic for all ages.

We love these boxes for all 4 of our children, and they’ve been ages 1 – 11 while we’ve been receiving them.

You can adapt the activities to older or younger, and use the resources provided as a starting point to do further learning and exploration.

We truly love these, and cannot recommend them enough to all of our fellow, nature loving families.

L xxx

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