Update your Wardrobe on a Budget

If you’re getting bored of the same clothes or you’ve changed shape, but don’t have the budget to jazz it up, then here are a few ways to update your wardrobe on a budget.

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Throughout my adult life, I have moved through several different styles that worked for me, but I’ve also been through 5 pregnancies that changed my shape too, so the same clothes no longer felt comfortable or fit me.

While I’m a huge believer in not buying for the sake of it, and not overbuying things you don’t need, I completely understand that we all need to buy clothes numerous times throughout our lives!

Here are some of the places I love to look for clothes when I need new (to me) pieces!


Depop is what I would definitely describe as ‘the charity shop/vintage shop rummage of the app world’.

It’s an app that is jam packed full of the most wonderful, quirky, vintage finds, while generally being around charity shop prices (mostly!). With the added bonus that you can sort by your sizes before you start searching, so you aren’t left disappointed when you click through just to discover it isn’t your size!

This app runs similarly to websites like Etsy, in that you’re purchasing from separate sellers, but can use your one basket.

This is 100% my favourite place to check first! I absolutely adore it.

Facebook Marketplace

Now, sometimes it can be a little hit and miss, but Facebook Marketplace is fantastic for picking up absolute bargains, and often in your local area, which saves on postage too.

There is a lot of junk on there to sort through at times, but every now and again you can grab an absolute bargain!


Vinted is very much like a less quirky Depop.

It still has amazing, second hand finds for sale, just without the edgy presentation.


Ebay made a few changes recently that is frustrating to sellers, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still one of the best places to go for a bargain.

Whether you opt for bidding on an auction or buy it now, you’re sure to score something for cheap!

You do have to be able to move quickly on the auctions you really want though, because the competition level on them these days is WILD!

Charity Shops

I know that shopping in real life has been somewhat off limits till recently, but when the world is running as normal, charity shops are the ultimate place to be for a mega bargain and those quirky, vintage pieces!
Go prepared for a rummage! (That’s part of the fun!) I also think that’s part of the pride when you finally find something epic, haha!

Car Boot Sale

A Sunday morning Car Boot sale?! You know, those ones that your parents would drag you out of bed at the weekend in order to go to. Deep down we all loved coming home with our pocket money bargain, piece of crap toy, and the pride continues now into adulthood as we find our style bargains (and chip butties)!

Again this can sometimes take a good rummage, or buying a bundle for one item (but making sure to re-sell the rest and maybe make a little extra cash, huh?!), but there’s nothing better than a unique find that no one else has!

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And of course there’s the added bonus that when you buy used, you’re saving tons of clothes from ending up in landfill each year, and are stopping giving your money to high street and online stores that continue to fund abusive working conditions for their makers. YOUR makers.

The cost is more than just financial.

Fast fashion accounts for a huge amount of the world’s carbon emissions, so buying second hand you’re also doing your bit for the Earth, and stopping funding abusive situations.

Saving money. Finding unique ‘new to you’ clothes AND helping the Earth… Bonus.

L xxx

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