Colour and Discover Adorable Animals from Around the World | Review

Who doesn’t want a book full of Adorable Animals from Around the World?!

The ‘Wonderfully Wild. Colour and Discover Adorable Animals from Around the World’, colouring book is full of them!

colouring book of adorable animals from around the world

The wonderful gang over at Owlet Press sent us over this very sweet colouring book for us to try out, and I think this is a new adventure for them!

The colouring book is by Ashlee Spink and Loll Kirby.

We have been a fan of the children’s books they publish for a while now, they’re always stunning in both visuals and content, so I knew we would love a colouring book they had pursued just as much.

The inside…

On each page there are different, unusual animals, and a little information about them!

I love that the children absorb learning about the endangered species’ and their habitats while they’re doing something they love (colouring).

The pictures are simple and easy for little ones to colour in, but also include lighter details for if older children want to get involved too and really develop the colouring in.

This colouring book is a great starter for conversations about endangered species, their habitats, conservation and also geographical locations. You could use it as the base for research into the species included. The possibilities for further learning are endless.

Not just puppies and kittens…

You don’t need to keep your children limited to the usual puppies and kittens if they are lovers of adorable animals. Teach them about the whole world full of adorable animals, and introduce conservation into the discussion. They’re never too young to learn.

You can buy the book here.

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