10 Things to do Indoors with Kids

Looking for things to do indoors with kids? Whether it’s cold, wet, snowy, too hot or you just need to stay home for the day, here are 10 quick ideas to occupy the kids in the house.

baking bread with kids

1. Baking

Bread, cakes, pancakes, pastries… Whatever takes your fancy, and whatever you have the ingredients ready for! Baking will forever be one of the best ways to entertain kids of any age!

2. Playdough

Getting the playdough out itself is enough of an activity for all of my children, and adding in knives, cutters and accessories can take it up a notch too, but if you want to add an extra bit of time keeping the kids engaged with it you could check out our recipe for 2 ingredient playdough! It’s SO easy and makes really soft dough!

3. Water Play

Don’t get scared now… Water will wipe up.

You can either pop your kids in a bath in the middle of the day, which in itself is exciting because it’s unusual, but you could also get the pots and pans out of the cupboard and simply let them play at pouring and mixing to their heart’s content.

If you’re concerned about the amount of water spilling, just pop a towel underneath before they start.

4. Ooblek

Ooblek is simple, and endlessly entertaining!! It’s one of our favourite activities.
It’s simply cornflour and water, but some magic happens and when you try to grab it, its a solid, but once you stop moving it turns back to liquid! Even as an adult this blows my mind every time!

5. Potato Printing

Instead of simply painting, try cutting shape printers into potato halves for your kids to dip in paint and print…
Here’s a great post on how to cut the potatoes.

6. Drawing & Colouring

Another regular but goodie! Kids always love drawing and colouring, whether it’s plain paper or a colouring book.
You could always try out our Cute and Creepy Surprise Picture tutorial!

7. Board Games

Whether it’s easier games for all ages to get involves, or a die hard game of Monopoly with your older kids, board games are always a wonderful way to get everyone involved! But if you don’t have a suitable board game to hand, you could always create a quiz as an alternative.

8. Card Games

A 52 Card deck or Uno, Dobble and the likes… Card games are also a great way for everyone to get involved. I personally love to teach my kids card games my great grandparents taught me.

9. Science Experiments

At home science experiments always go down well with our children. It’s so easy to blow their minds (and ours) and safely!

Check out things like The Milk Food Colouring Experiment, or Elephant Toothpaste. And colour changing flowers!

10. Build an indoor Den

Grab some blankets, duvets, towels and cushions and get creating! Throw the rules out, and let the kids hang towels and blankets between all of the furniture to create an awesome den!

You’ll earn bonus points for letting them keep it up to have dinner or a sleepover in!

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