Our Favourite Family Eco Swaps | Plastic Free July

You may be looking to learn more about Plastic Free July, so I wanted to share our favourite family eco swaps with you.

cloth nappies our favourite eco swaps plastic free july
Cloth nappies are our favourite swap, check out our Cloth Nappy Vlog

Cloth Nappies

cloth nappies plastic free eco swap

One of our favourite eco swaps is definitely cloth nappying!

I know it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming before you start. The choices. The washing. The wash routine. But I promise once you’ve made the leap it all falls into place, and you find your feet.

Even swapping out just one nappy can make a HUGE difference to the amount of nappies sent to landfill each year.

There are so many to choose from and it can sometimes seem ridiculously expensive at the initial outlay, but it’s worth remembering that there are always lots available second hand (and no, it’s not gross!). Cloth nappies actually improve their absorption capacity the more they’re used and washed. So not only are second hand nappies cheaper, they’re often more absorbent too!

Re-usable Cups

If you’re a constantly ‘on the go’ person, you may find yourself grabbing take-away coffee/tea often!

One of my most worthwhile switches has been to invest in BOTH a good flask AND a good travel mug. I actually wrote a post about my favourite, re-usable cups here!

I personally prefer to have a large, stainless steel thermos, as this doesn’t taint the flavour of the hot drink, and then I pour into a glass and silicone travel mug to drink… These are just my personal favourites!

The family are constantly here, there and everywhere. Often all day, so a large thermos keeps me going!

This will also give you a huge saving over time if you don’t get take-out. BUT, if you enjoy your take-out, don’t feel guilty about it! Just take your re-usable mug with you for them to fill!

Second Hand Clothes

children in second hand clothes eco swap plastic free

Ahhhhh is there anything more exciting than a rummage through a charity shop for vintage finds?!

I LOVE the buzz of second hand clothes shopping. Some of the clothes you can find are so unique. I feel like it becomes addictive (in the best way!), and before you know it you find yourself feeling disappointed when you have to buy new, haha!

It’s also so helpful for updating your wardrobe on a budget!

Putting a halt on fast fashion AND saving money!

Buying Seasonal Food

seasonal food eco swap plastic free
Photo by Nadi Lindsay on Pexels.com

It’s not always realistic to buy the top notch food. Access to foods, availability, privilege, cost all need to be considered before we start attacking people for buying plastic wrapped, easy food.

One thing I try to keep in mind, even when we are struggling financially, is to buy locally grown, seasonal fresh produce.

This has numerous advantages…

  1. Often comes loose or in less packaging.
  2. Has a MUCH smaller carbon footprint because it hasn’t travelled as far.
  3. Usually cheaper!
  4. Fresher, therefore the taste is often better!

Making our own Bread & Snacks

Don’t get me wrong, we are absolutely not on top of doing this all the time anymore, but baking your own bread sometime and also baking snacks does lot to reduce packaging!

It’s also great for keeping the kids busy!

Try my Sourdough Blueberry Rye Pancakes! They’re good!!

Ordering from the Milkman

milk in glass bottle on table eco swap plastic free
Photo by Charlotte May on Pexels.com

The good old fashioned milkman!

Except now, they do glass bottled oat milk too, that tastes just as good as Oatly!!

We used to make our own oat milk, but it’s not always realistic!

The choosy kids get their cows milk, and the rest of us get oat milk, and it’s all in glass bottles we put out for them to re-collect and re-use!

We use McQueen’s Dairies.

Most importantly, I want you to remember this…

Small swaps make a big difference. Not everyone is able (for varying reasons) to reduce their plastic consumption or to do eco swaps, and lastly, it’s going to be when the big businesses and investors make the decision to change that everyone will have access, and we will see a real change.

Don’t feel guilty, and don’t guilt others who aren’t able to, or aren’t ‘there’ yet. It needs to change at the top.

L xxx

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