The Best Re-Usable Cups for Busy Parents

I spent time trying many a re-usable cup, and the choice now is vast! Here are the best re-usable cups for busy parents! (Like me!)

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1. Global WAKEcup

This lovely, eco company have a gorgeous selection of re-usable cups to suit all. Tall, with a handle, thermos… They’ve got something for everyone!
Their mugs are made from Bamboo & Stainless Steel, and for an additional fee you can have them personalised!

2. Neon Cactus Forever Young 450ml Cup

The Neon Cactus mugs are great, because they’re made from glass and food grade silicone, which means they don’t make your coffee/cuppa taste funky!!
They also have a much lower price tag than a lot of the good re=usables.

I’ve linked the grey here, but you can find plenty of other colours on the Wearth London website!

3. KeepCup Cork Edition 450ml

KeepCup are, in my opinion, one of THE best re-usable mugs on the market. Again, due to the material being glass, you don’t get tainted coffee/tea, and they’re so easy to ‘care’ for! There are a HUGE variety of colours and sizes to suit all too, but I tend to favour the larger 450ml options (haha!).

4. Klean Kanteen TK Pro Insulated Kanteen

Klean Kanteen are one of the leaders in re-usable cups, including a fantastic range of sports bottles. Now while they offer some lovely, bright, hot drinks cups, I’m actually recommending this flask instead.

It’s great to have your individual size mugs to grab and go, but sometimes we need supplies for a few hours! This is where a great, larger capacity, thermos type flask comes in handy! And with it being Stainless Steel, you don’t get the strange taste! (I pour into my favourite glass and silicone mug to drink, usually!)

So there you have it…

There aren’t lists and lists, because I wanted to posts the ones that I genuinely love!

Re-usable mugs are one of the most simple switches we can make (if we are able) to help with waste.

I hope these suggestions help you find an option you love!

Lauren xxx

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