Children’s Books About Bees | A List

When I was sorting through our shelves recently, I realised just how many children’s books about bees we have!

None of them could be sold, they’re all wonderful in their own way! And so, I thought I’d compile a list here for you to help if you have a bee loving child, or for if you’re learning all about them in your home/school!

Children’s Books About Bees

The Beeman
By Laurie Krebs

Find out where honey comes from as Grandpa the Beeman teaches the basics of beekeeping to his young grandson. This rhyming story includes 7 pages of endnotes full of essential facts about bees, beekeeping, honey, and the vital part that bees play in the natural world.

Amazon £4.89

Bee : Nature’s Tiny Miracle
By Patricia Hegarty

A tale of wonder is about to unfold…
Find out where Bee’s miraculous journey through woods and meadows will end in this delightful peek-through picture book. The story is magically brought to life by Britta Teckentrup’s beautiful illustrations.

Amazon £5.94

The Book of Bees
By Piotr Socha & Wojciech Grajkowski

How do bees communicate? What does a beekeeper do? Did you know that Napoleon loved bees? Who survived being stung by 2,443 bees?
This encyclopaedic book answers all these questions and many more, imparting masses of information with a light, humorous touch, and in scorers of vibrant illustrations. Piotr Socha tracks the history of bees from the time of the dinosaurs to their current plight, examining along the way the role bees have played in history and in the rest of the natural world.

Amazon £14.45

More about our buzzy friends…

Bees: A lift the flap eco book
By Carmen Saldana

This lift-the-flap book uses plant-based inks, glues with minimal plastic content and is made from recycled board.
Teaching children all about why bees are so important and how we can help save them, this eco-friendly book is the perfect introduction to an important topic. With flaps to lift and facts to learn, this book also includes a section on how you can help.

Amazon £5.94

The Secret Life of Bees
By Moira Butterfield

Follow Buzzwing the honeybee on a beautifully illustrated journey through the world of bees filled with amazing science and intriguing folklore.

Amazon £10.45

The Honeybee
By Kirsten Hall

Buzz from flower to flower with a sweet honeybee in this timely, clever, and breathtakingly gorgeous picture book from critically acclaimed author Kirsten Hall and award-winning illustrator Isabelle Arsenault.

Amazon £12.99

And even more…

Bee and Me
By Alison Jay

A bee flies in the window and a little girl is frightened. She traps the bee and then wonders what to do. This beautiful wordless picture book traces the growing friendship between girl and bee and introduces small children to the ecology of the natural world. Highlighting the plight of the disappearing bumble bee, it shows how some simple actions can help restore beauty and balance in our environment

Amazon £6.51

Are You a Bee?
By Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries

Backyard Books: Are You a Bee? by Judy Allen with illustrations by Tudor Humphries shows that–from the perspective of a honeybee–the backyard is a busy place. A young bee faces many challenges as it takes its place in the hive and joins in the work of the bee community.

Amazon £4.54

Why Do We Need Bees?
By Katie Daynes

Why do we need bees? How do they make honey? And who’s who in a beehive? Children can find the answers to these questions and many more in this informative lift-the-flap book. With colourful illustrations, simple text and chunky flaps to lift, young children can discover lots of amazing facts about bees and why they need our help.

Amazon £11.95

Just a few more…

Look Inside the World of Bees
By Emily Bone

Why do bees have furry bodies? What happens inside a beehive? How do bees know where to find flowers? Find out all about the amazing world of bees in this illustrated flap book for young children, with a focus on why bees are so important, and all the jobs they do that keep the planet healthy.

Amazon £8.19

Save the Bees
By Bethany Stahl

Journey with a bee & two inquisitive children to discover the importance of pollinators!
From exciting and adventurous to educational and captivating, Save the Bees tells the story of three friends working together to make Clover’s pollination route easier!

Amazon £8.99

I’m sure I’ll find more bee books hiding somewhere and curse that I forgot about them!
There really is such a vast and visually delicious variety of children’s books about bees out in the world today, I’m not sure I’ll ever say no to an additional one!

Lauren xxx

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