Look Up by Nathan Bryon | Book Review

Illustrated by Dapo Adeola

In this wonderful book, Look Up, we meet little Rocket, who has a great passion for everything space related!

She spends her time ‘looking up’, and when a meteor shower is due to appear, Rocket is absolutely BUZZING with excitement!

So much so that she just can’t stop talking about it to any and everyone!

This book is such a great read for any child who loves space, or just has big dreams they have their mind set to achieve!

I absolutely loved the connection between Rocket and her phone loving brother, Jamal. There’s a very sweet sibling moment at the end of the story, which will touch the heart of any parent!

The book is brimming with meteor facts too, which is a lovely bonus.

I always love books where there’s a child fully chasing their interests, even when everyone else seems uninterested! And boy is Rocket SO proud of her interests.

I love that she’s proud and confident that she’s going to achieve things. A GREAT main character for children.

A heartwarming tale, which me and the kids absolutely loved!

We bought our copy from Round Table Books, and if you click on their website you’ll find an amazing collection of inclusive stories!

Lauren x

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