Robo-Babies by Laura Gallagher | Book Review

Wow, as a person who has struggled with infertility, this wonderful, children’s book about how babies arrive via different methods (IVF, sperm/egg donation, adoption), really hit me in the feels!

If you’re someone who has similarly experienced any of the above, or if you haven’t, but you want to make sure you’re giving your children a rounded education about fertility and baby making, then I strongly urge you to buy a copy of this!

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This young child friendly story about the journey it sometimes takes to meet our babies, is so incredibly touching.
As someone who has been through an array of infertility problems, and IVF, this book is so meaningful to me.

I think that Laura has done an incredible job of writing a young child-level explanation of how different families take different journeys to parenthood, and she even includes the topic of premature babies too, and how special machines help to keep them safe.

These are such vital topics for life, and many of us (myself included!), grew up not knowing that fertility issues are so common. Not understanding that it can sometimes take a completely different journey to achieve the meeting of our babies.

Massive applause to Laura, for covering such hard, and often heart wrenching conversations, in such a sweet and child friendly way.

A particular favourite part of mine was using ‘nuts and bolts’ as a reference to sperm and egg donation! Ha! I loved it!

The girls loved all of the babies in the multiples robots’ bellies! Haha!

I fully recommend adding this one to your children’s bookshelves, for both parents who have been through infertility/adoption, but also for parents who haven’t and want to be really inclusive with how they’re educating their children about baby making! It’s a wonderful one!

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