Growth Mindset Books for Children

One of what I consider THE most important things to teach our children, is the power of the growth mindset. Here is a list of our favourite growth mindset books for children.

If you’re new to the term ‘growth mindset’, I would describe it as the ability to accept ALL of yourself as a positive.

Failures, mistakes, successes, gratitude, being content, being frustrated… it’s about learning to appreciate it all as vital to our development.

We learn and grow through trying and failing.

So of course, it’s so unbelievably important to us to teach our children this way of thinking. It’s something I definitely learned later in life, and it’s the thing that I would say has brought me the most inner peace…

Positive coping mechanisms are like ice cream for your soul… or pizza. Or chocolate.

If you’re looking for some Growth Mindset Books for Adults, here’s a blog post by Good Life & Mind.

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Growth Mindset Books for Children

by Lauren

1. The Big Life Journal

The Big Life Journal website is a treasure trove of educational resources for growth mindset, for all ages!

There are of course the actual journals, which we have and LOVE. They’re full of eye-catching, doodle style images, and lots of wonderful prompts for children to really snap into that positive way of thinking about themselves and their minds.

Also, it’s definitely worth a mention that they have a freebie section on their website, and also a whole range of downloadable resources, for if you’re not ready to commit to the journals!


2. You Are Awesome by Matthew Syed

Part story, part affirmations, part history lesson, part kick up the butt! I absolutely LOVE You are Awesome by Matthew Syed, about how you don’t need to discovery a secret, hidden, extraordinary talent in order to achieve what you want to in life! Start where you are!

3. Maybe by Kobi Yamada

This stunning book by Yamada, is a story about how each and everyone one of us has our own potential! Such a lovely addition to your bookshelf for younger children to start to consider what unique gifts they can bring to the world.
We actually reviewed this book here.

4. Happy, Confident Me Journal

This here is another, fabulous journal type book, with bright, colourful features to really draw your child in and catch their interest.

There are prompts, and weekly themes to work through. Your children will really learn to recognise and listen to all of their feelings!

There are prompts, and weekly themes to work through. Your children will really learn to recognise and listen to all of their feelings!

5. After the Fall (How Humpty Dumpty got Back Up Again) by Dan Santat

This is THE most incredible book for approaching trauma and recovery with children. It’s about the post fall era for Humpty Dumpty, and about how parts of him couldn’t be put back together again so quickly! Incredible book!

6. Beautiful OOPS by Barney Salzburg

A book full of how mistakes can be turned into something BEAUTIFUL!! Accidental spills, tears and so on… What can become of them?!

This is a great one for the perfectionists in the family!

7. Whistle for Willie by Ezra Jack Keats

A sweet story about persevering at something you want to achieve, for little ones.

8. Your Fantastic Elastic Brain by JoAnn Deak

A great children’s book about growth mindset, and how stretching your brain helps it to grow.
Side note: There’s talk about your brain making you see/hear etc, which is only relevant for able bodied children.

9. Salt in his Shoes by Deloris Jordan

The story of how Michael Jordan almost gave up on his dreams of being a basketball player because he was scared he wouldn’t be tall enough! This book is written by his mother, Deloris Jordan, and is about how Michael persevered and worked hard to achieve his dreams, even through his fears.

10. The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes by Mark Pett & Gary Rubinstein

Another great children’s book for the perfectionist in your life! Beatrice NEVER makes mistakes… until she does!! A great book to teach you that everything has value, even your mistakes!

11. What do you do With a Problem? by Kobi Yamada

Another incredible book about growth mindset by Kobi Yamada! This one is about how to tackle a problem, and the positives that come from that.

12. The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds

A story about how a child, frustrated during an art class, can only splodge a dot on her paper! Her teacher then asks her to sign her name under her ‘dot’, and from that moment magic happens!

13. Hey There! What’s Your Superpower? by Jayneen Sanders

In this book you are following Becky as she embarks on a journey to discover what her superpowers may be! The book has simple tasks to help your child develop resilience and the growth mindset!

14. Ruby’s Wish by Shirim Yin Bridges

In this story, main character Ruby, unlike most little ladies in China at the time, wants to go to university like her brothers!

15. Emmanuel’s Dream: The True Story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah by Laurie Thomspon

Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah was born in Ghana with one deformed leg. He never let this stop him, and he would hop to and from school miles away, play football and eventually became a cyclist!

He rode over 400 miles across Ghana to make the point that disability is not the end! AMAZING, true story!

You can donate to the Emmanuel’s Dream Foundation, which is helping to ‘Change the society of Ghana by empowering people with disabilities.’

16. The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do by Ashley Spires

A sweet tale about a girl who wanted to do something her friends were doing, but was scared… She made excuses, and told herself that maybe she didn’t want to!

Eventually she tries! Definitely worth a read to see what happens.

A fantastic, children’s book about growth mindset.

17. The Day You Begin by Jacqueline Woodson

A book about walking into rooms where no one is like you, and being brave when it’s scary to be yourself when no one is like you.

18. I Think, I Am! by Louise L. Hay

A book that is aimed at children, but very much teaches the power of the growth mindset. Turning negative thoughts into positive thinking.

19. Listening With My Heart by Gabi Garcia

A book about a girl who loves to spread love to everyone else, but has to learn to show herself the same kindness.

20. I Can Do Hard Things by Gabi Garcia

Another GREAT book to help remind children that they CAN do hard things, but also affirmations that they can do many other things too!

I hope you go on to read/use these in your children’s lives, as they are so, so wonderful! It brings me so much joy that these fantastic resources are being created for generations to come, as these lessons are vital! VITAL!

I think schools, home educators, parents, carers, guardians, grandparents… everyone should be sharing these with each other.

The family that fails together, forgives together and gets back up together… stays together.

Lauren x

PS – I do plan to stock a few of these soon, but for now they are all linked!

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