My Kids Bedroom Tour | Vlog & Links

Please enjoy my kids bedroom tour vlog above!

After many requests, enjoy having a nosey around our children’s bedroom, and a little more in depth view of the quad bunk, which I know always peaks people’s interests!

This room really was a passion project, so we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we thoroughly enjoyed doing it!!

Links to the room details below!!

Detail Info & Links

Paint for Bed | F&B School House White (Modern Eggshell!)
Trust me when I say that not only do you want to choose the interior wood and metal on the dropdown, but also the Modern Eggshell! Modern Eggshell is made for areas with high usage, so the kids bed definitely qualifies!

Paint for End Walls | F&B Skimming Stone
We chose different colour whites for the end walls, and the main wall too! If you’re doing a fully white room, you have to add textures and various dimensions of white to keep it interesting!

Paint for Long Wall | F&B Ammonite
Another wall, another white! This is the wall with the Polka stickers.

Duvet Covers | La Redoute
These ‘Lison’, spotty, duvet covers (and matching pillow cases) finished the room off perfectly.
£21 per single duvet cover.

Pillow Cases | La Redoute
To match the duvet covers.
£5.40 per Standard Pillow Case.

Olli Ella Luggy Basket | Conscious Craft
Definitely a luxury item, but one that is both adored as a toy, toy carrier AND decor.
Medium Size £69

Papoose Toys Summer Trees | Conscious Craft
We’ve had these beautiful, felted trees for a while now, and the girls love them as both toys and decor!

Grimms Mini Rainbow | Conscious Craft
The smallest of the Grimms rainbow. We’ve had this for 5 years and the kids still love it!

Grimms 12 Piece Pastel Rainbow | Conscious Craft
Again, this is one we have had for a while, that gets TONS of use!

Fabelab Buddy Bear | Conscious Craft
One of our bookshelf dwellers.

Bookshelves | Ikea Picture Ledges
These ‘picture ledges’ from Ikea work PERFECTLY for displaying your favourite, beautiful, children’s books (and teddies!). We have the 115cm length ones.
Only £9 each!

Ikea Trofast Light Pine/White Toy Storage
We have 2 of these fantastic, cheap and cheerful units for the girls’ toys.

Alocasia Felt Plant | KIDLY UK
The ‘no mess’ plant for a white kids room! Haha!

Hedera Hanging Felt Plant | KIDLY UK
Our hanging ‘no mess’ plant.

Ferm Living SMALL Pear & Apple Baskets | Alex and Alexa
These sweet baskets won my heart! The pear is currently not on the site in small, but this is the link for the apple!
£35 per apple.

Safari Horse Cushion | Alex and Alexa
Another of our shelf dwellers!

Nobodinoz Savanna Velvet Garland | The Modern Nursery
I LOVE the combination or really rich colours in this bunting!

Nobodinoz Amour Canopy (Toffee) | The Modern Nursery
Stunning, rust coloured canopy!

Nobodinoz Star Cushions | The Modern Nursery
We have 4 of these sweet, little cushions, 2 in Yellow and 2 in Rust.
£22 per cushion.

Wooden Log House | Myriad Toys
We’ve had this magic, woodland toy house a while now, and it is loved by all.

Ferm Living Jute Rug | Amazon
We originally got ours from Alex and Alexa too, but it’s not on the site anymore!!

I hope you enjoy taking a nosey around! The doors upstairs haven’t been replaced for new ones yet, due to lockdown, so once they are finished I can show you those too!

Any further questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a message!

Lauren x

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