Our Favourite Home Education Resources uk (w.links) and Q&A

After many requests, here is a video full of our favourite resources we have used through our almost 6 years of home educating/ homeschooling.

We’re fortunate to have many resources available nowadays in the digital age we live in. Home education or homeschooling as it’s referred to can be bolstered with the help of qualified teachers too, like an HSC Chemistry Tutor.  These resources make homeschooling more accessible than ever before.

Some of the resources are specific, and some are left more open. At the end of the video, I have done a Q&A answering all of the questions I received via our instagram question box!

I really hope this video helps, but please remember you have numerous resources available to you that are FREE. (Look out for a FREE home ed resources Vlog coming soon!)

For a list of some of the resources mentioned in the video, with links, please scroll to below the video!


CGP Workbooks

For more structured Maths, English and Science that follows the National Curriculum.


Reading Chest

A banded book rental service.



The most incredible hub of unending resources for ANY topic you want to learn!


Exploring Nature With Children Curriculum

The most perfect, nature focused, year long curriculum to really give your children an in-depth understanding of nature and its many wonders.


Reading Eggs & Maths Seeds

Great computer game/ iPad app that teaches little ones to read and do maths through a game as bright and eye-catching as any other iPad game!


Black British History Workbook

A new resource we’ve added to teach the children British history beyond the white washed version!


Oaka Workbooks

Workbooks designed to help visual learners/dyslexic learners.


Orchard Toys Games

Family games aimed at younger learners, to teach basic skills without them even realising they’re learning.


Inclusive Sex Ed Books

There’s more than just these, but we LOVE Sex is a Funny Word, and What Makes a Baby, both by Cory Silverberg. They’re both super inclusive in their wording and imagery. Another good one is It’s Perfectly Normal by Robie H Harris.


Diverse Literature

It really should go without saying that including authors and characters of all races, cultures, genders, identities and experiences is perhaps one of the most important educational resources around. For parents also.


Baker Ross Craft SUpplies

We get a lot of our craft supplies and clay from here!
(commissionable link)


Toucan Box Crafts

Subscription craft kits for younger children.
(commissionable link)



Art tutorial videos for primary aged children.


Art Eye Dear

Art tutorial videos for secondary aged children.


Maths Factor

Another online maths games platform. (commissionable link)


Nat Geo Kids Mag

A fantastic magazine for nature loving kids!!
(commissionable link)


Eco Kids Planet Mag

Another firm favourite for our nature loving oldest!! 4 years of this one, and still excited for every magazine!


The Big Life Journal

An AMAZING growth mindset journal for children. They also have some downloadable content too!


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