Bee & Me by Alison Jay | Book Review

Bee and Me is a visually delightful, picture book by renowned illustrator Alison Jay.

We’ve been huge fans of Jay for years now, since I discovered her through being a Barefoot Books seller ‘back in the day’ before they stopped using booksellers in the UK…

Unlike most of the other books Jay is involved with, this one is completely wordless.

The entire book is made up of beautiful pictures, and this allows for the reader(s) to make up the story themselves, which I find as a parent, always makes for a really interactive, involved story time!

The ‘story’ happening throughout the book, is bringing to the forefront the struggles of the honeybee, and what can be done to help, if only we pay attention.

As always, Jay’s illustrations are a feast for the viewer, and I think, eye catching for child and adult alike.

This book is a really beautiful one to share with children. You can create a slightly different story each time. As home educators you can get your children to perhaps write the story separately.

It’s a lovely way to start or continue to educate your children on the issues around the decline of the honeybee population, and how we can help our little, buzzy friends!

This one is a wonderful one, and I also recommend searching for a lot of Jay’s other work, because honestly, it’s nourishing just to look at it all!

L xxx