The Kiss by Linda Sunderland | Book Review

Another children’s book review incoming!

This is one that Maya felt very passionately about reviewing! 🤣

She’s very sweet, and when she loves something, she LOVES it.

‘The Kiss’ is a heartwarming treasure of a book, that tells the story of a kiss that is blown from a grandson to his grandmother, and then shared with the community to make everyone happier…

But then someone tries to capture the kiss for themselves. They want to keep it and not share it with anyone! Oh no!

The story really is so sweet, and the girls get really involved in it!

The illustrations by Jessica Courtney-Tickle are just bright, eye catching and utterly delightful.

This is a great book to teach that kindness and love can only work when shared with others, and that all the money in the world won’t keep you from being lonely.

Apparently Maya says it’s a 10/10 and ‘the best book ever!’ (watch the video lol!)

L xxx