Lauren’s Favourite Busy Mum Skincare Products (With Links)

Busy mum skincare?

As it’s currently Plastic Free July as I write this, and the days theme is ‘Skincare’, I figured this was a perfect time to do a blog post about my favourite skincare items, and where I get them from.

Now, let me begin by saying that these are NOT ALL plastic free. It’s damn near impossible to live completely plastic free.

The best thing, undoubtedly, that you can do in a position of privilege, to reduce plastic waste in your skincare regime, is to make your products at home.

My recommendation for further information on this wonderful topic, is the ever so lovely Becky O’Cole, who is a fountain of knowledge on the topic! Becky also has a beautiful instagram page and a fantastically calming Podcast. They’re definitely worth checking out.

Another note I want to add on making your own skincare products at home, is that this being a privilege means, you need to be checking the ingredients that you’re adding are ethically based….
If someone is being neglected/abused/made unsafe/underpaid in order to harvest and fetch these products into your hands, you need to be considering whether extra packaging from a more ethical company is better…


Now, I don’t currently have the time to make my own products, so I wanted to share with you a selection of my FAVE, natural, ethical products and the websites I purchase from…

Some of my FAVOURITE places to purchase more ethical, natural, less waste products from are:

  • Tropic Skincare – Great ethics. Natural, cruelty free products, made in the UK. Will accept certain packaging back, and some returns can earn refills (there’s a great make-up pallet that’s refillable!)
  • LoveLula – A fantastic site that is jam packed with natural, ethical, less waste, natural, cruelty free and vegan products made by various businesses, many of which are small!
  • Lush – Are you even into your ethical, less waste skincare/bath bombs if you don’t LOVE Lush?! If I want a treat, I go here to splurge on bath bombs!! If you’re using solid shampoo and conditioner, then Lush always have a fab range!
  • Ethical Superstore – I love ethical superstore for more than just skincare, but they do have a great selection, and you know you’re getting products from companies with good ethics!!

(Full disclosure, SOME are affiliate links, but some are not. I use EVERYTHING I recommend here. Therefore, this isn’t a long list, but it’s an honest one!)

My FAVOURITE, regularly used Ethical Skincare Products

  1. Tropic Smoothing Cleanser

So here’s a funny story… I didn’t really believe that I needed a cleanser. I’ve very much always been a water minus anything else for washing my face (if it was bare), and for make-up removing oil cleansing… Honestly, bare minimum…
But then this AMAZING product came into my life through me joining Tropic because of my love for Supergreens (which I’ll talk more about later), and oh my goodness! Apparently I DID need a cleanser!!
Tropic are an ethical, low waste, British made company, who only use natural ingredients. I let m 1- year old use this!
My skin has never been clearer! And the gorgeous scent makes you feel like you’ve been to the spa.

2. Tropic Vitamin Toner

Again, I found this product through my welcome to Tropic set, and I now wouldn’t be with out it!

3.Tropic Skin Dream Moisturiser

This is dreamy (HAHA). It smells incredible, and it has worked pure wonders for my skin!

4. Tropic Supergreens Nutrient Boost Oil

Ahhhh, the product SO good it made me join the Tropic family…
This product cleared up my postnatal eczema, and every other blemish on my face! It’s got magical powers, I swear! If you only buy one skincare product, I’d say, make it this one!!

4. Tropic Pure Lagoon Blemish Preventing Serum

SO good at removing redness of spots already on your skin, but also great for prevention too! Again, my 10 year old, who has sensitive skin and has recently hit the hormones, uses this without an issue and LOVES it.

5. Weleda Nourishing Hair Oil

I know this is sort of in the range of hair care, but I actually use this for when my scalp is feeling sensitive and sore. Massaging it into my scalp while bathing helps to soothe a LOT.

6. Crazy Rumors Au Naturale 100% Natural Lip Balm

Simple. Natural… Effective!

Favourite Sun Creams

  1. The Entire Tropic Sun Care Range

So the range is all natural with no nasties and fantastic for sensitive skin, but also, very importantly… If you return the packaging you earn FREE refills… less waste!!

2. Green People Organic Children’s Suncream

I did say to myself that I wasn’t going to mix the products I use for the kids solely into here, but I kind of class sun cream together, and this is the one we use for the littles! SO good for the super sensitive skin!


So there you have it….

A SUPER short and simple list of products that keep me happy and feeling pampered (when I get enough time to use them!).

I always LOVE a small business recommendation too, so feel free to leave me a comment on any of my social media channels if you are a small, ethical, natural skincare product business, and I will check you out….

L xxx


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