Maybe by Kobi Yamada | Book Review

I’m going to plunge straight into my review here to say that Maybe is absolutely no ‘maybe’…

If you’re thinking of ways to help teach your children that their individuality is their biggest strength, then this book is absolutely the one for you.

And that’s just the start.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such realistic, detailed artistry for a children’s book as is in the illustrations. It’s eye catching on a whole other level.

STUNNING, eye catching illustrations.

And don’t worry, the book content is just as powerful as the illustrations, with pages full of affirmations for your children about why they may be who they are…

Why they are unique.

Who they may-be.

Who they may help by being themselves.

As a home educating mother, this book is a life lesson I want my children to take with them through life.

A strong recommendation here.

L xxx