Sweetest Kulu by Celina Kalluk | Book Review

Today’s pick from the shelf, is the super sweet, Sweetest Kulu, by Celina Kalluk.

Kalluk is an Inuit throat singer, and this beautiful book is a poem from a mother to her little Kulu, which is an Inuktitut (a language often spoken by the Inuit people) term of endearment given to babies and young ones.

And this poem to the Sweet Kulu, is telling Kulu about all the gifts and attributes that nature has bestowed upon him, and is full of the values that the Inuit people hold to nature.

I absolutely LOVE this. It’s a board book, which means it can take a lot of love from your youngest children, but the story/poem itself is just beautiful.

It’s so soft, and loving.

It’s full of the most beautiful artwork.

I think, for me, this is up in my top 2 favourite board books I’ve ever read.

If you have a baby, or you know someone having a baby… this book is a beautiful thing to invest in.


L xxx