Super Easy, 2 Ingredient Playdough

Hi Folks,

For the recipe, either enjoy our YouTube video below, or scroll down for a quick read. I promise that neither take long at all!

This is one of our easiest, go to crafts to keep the kids busy…

It also saves on a whole load of plastic, shop bought, playdoh tubs too! Added bonus!

Our Playdough made into a rose bush (with added, real rose petals) by Maya.

2 Ingredient Playdough


  • 80ml Hair Conditioner (we used Faith in Nature)
  • 120g Cornflour
  • Gel Food Colouring (optional)


1. Add conditioner and cornflour to a bowl and stir to combine. Then use your hands to bring the mixture together.

2. Knead for a while until a smooth, perfect Playdough consistency!

Note: All conditioners are different thicknesses. Add more or less of either ingredient to get the right consistency. It’s not a perfect science, just take each addition slowly, and knead before deciding whether to add more of something.

3. If using the gel food colouring, flatten out your newly made ball of dough, pop a small dot of colour in the middle, fold it up and keep folding until the colour is evenly distributed.

You’re now ready to play!


We love adding flower petals to our homemade Playdough, as well as other natural finds!

It can be really exciting for the children to know they’re searching for treasures from the garden/days out, to use in their Playdough creations.



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