Our Vlog has Lift Off!

After a rough month of battling with technology, and a mind that was very new to the in depth world of video editing, we have FINALLY made it to our first Vlog post on our YouTube channel!!!

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We are hoping to post twice a week, and content will include:

  • Arts & Crafts Ideas
  • Parenthood
  • Home Ed Ideas
  • Recipes
  • Circus Skill Lessons
  • More sustainable kids’ toy/play dough type videos (upcycled/second hand toys and homemade play dough etc).
  • Our Interior Decorating Journey
  • Cloth Nappying
  • Weaning
  • Nature! Always nature!
  • Seasonal Fun
  • Videos from our kids to yours!
  • Q&A’s
  • Children’s Book Reviews
  • My Book Reviews!
  • Where we purchase our clothes from (but NOT hauls). I very specifically want to combat fast fashion, and want to show how much is available second hand or if needs be, ethically!
  • There MAY be the occasional product review/ad/gifted type thing, but this will only ever be for something we already use or need. I LOVE to support small business, and I also LOVE to support recycling/up cycling.
  • Our Food Shops/Meal Plans/ Watching that all go to hell and ordering too many snacks and not enough real food…

… and so much more!

So here it is! Our first Vlog!

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Lauren xx