Christmas Wood Slice Decorations

We are a family of Christmas addicts…

It’s never the materialist part of Christmas that we love, but more the festive feeling around the entire of the advent period. It’s so family focused, so warm and fuzzy, and is another one of those times where all of my childhood nostalgia is reawakened through Christmas music, movies and baking…

I made the decision this year to say a firm no to crappy, chocolate filled calendars and toy filled advent calendars, where the toys get discarded within days! Instead, I’ve planned loads of Christmas crafts throughout the advent period, that will all become our Christmas decorations, not just discarded…

I will also be making a ‘book advent’ where I wrap 24 (second hand) books, and the children open one a day…

So, today was our first craft, admittedly a little earlier than planned, but pfffsh, who needs rules?! 😂🎄


Christmas Wood Slice Decorations

What you’ll need:

  • Multiple Wood slices
  • A drill for the holes (if you’re slicing yourself, and not buying ready done!)
  • String
  • Acrylic Paint Pens (can be subbed for acrylic paints and paintbrushes, but I find the pens easier for little hands)
  • Spray varnish (optional)


  1. If your wood slices didn’t come ready drilled, make sure to drill a hole in the top of each slice. This will be where you attach your string for hanging.
  2. Get painting!! Whatever your hearts desire! I find it’s better to let go of any ideas you have about what your kids will draw, and just let them go for it! Decorate your own too! It’s fun!
  3. Cut your string to around 20cm pieces, and attach these through the holes. Tie into a knot.
  4. You can spray with finishing spray if you want to, though I didn’t… I don’t particularly like the sheen!
  5. Hang them up!


Yep, they really are that easy! 🖤🎄

Such a good craft with littles because they’re so straight forward. And it was a great one with kids of differing ages, because the littlest could go crazy, the middle one took a little more time, and the oldest went above and beyond with detail… They all throughly enjoyed at their level.

And now I have loads of wonderful decorations for my tree!

L xxxx